Payment of Open Accounts Receivable with Credit Cards

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While most credit card processors allow you to accept credit card payments when new orders are entered, EBiz Charge gives you the added flexibility of applying a credit card payment to any open Accounts Receivable Invoice in your accounting system.

Let’s say you have a customer that is set up with Net 30 terms. You ship their order, send them an invoice, and they send in a check for payment. But what if that customer calls in and says that they have an open invoice that is about due, but rather than send in a check, they would like to pay it with a credit card.

Would your credit card processor be able to handle a request like this? Since the terms on the order were Net 30, it may cause a problem.

But it is no problem for EBiz Charge, which allows you to apply a credit card payment to any open invoice in your system, even if that invoice was not created with credit card terms.

All you need to do is launch the EBiz Credit Card Process from your EBiz program group. You will then search for your customer, which will bring up a list of their open invoices. Once you select the invoice(s) you wish to pay, you will then be taken to the credit card selection screen. If the customer has any saved cards on file, you may select one, or enter a new one. From there, you will finalize the sale. Rest assured that EBiz Charge is PCI Compliant, which means that every established security standard has been met to protect your customer’s credit card information.

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