Exact Globe


Globe is your partner in the digital transformation, its software is a unique payment integration solution with EBizCharge that allows companies to process credit and debit card payments, email payment reminders to customers, and automate payment collections, all while qualifying cards at the lowest rates so it lowers your monthly processing costs.

Globe understands your business and actively participates in identifying a solution, with a team of software engineers always updated with the latest technology trends to provide you with top-notch solutions.

Globe is designed for start-up and corporate businesses on Microsoft Dynamics 360, SQL, and Oracle. Globe Software are experts in the financial business, with most of their clients being banks or financial institutions. They work with the client’s as a team to define and build the best solution to their business situation.

We deeply involve in our client’s core business. There are business analysts with university diplomas in economics and vast experience in software development projects. Globe understand your business and actively participate in identifying a solution to contribute with much more value than just writing code.

To learn more about our software solutions, our consultants are ready to answer any of your questions.