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Acumatica delivers a cloud-based single ERP solution. If time is of the essence, Acumatica’s implementation can take place quickly to transform your business as operative in as little as two to three months.

Acumatica gives the instant ability to accurate financial reporting and deep data visibility by having all your data hosted in one place. Anyone with internet access and a login, can obtain accurate data for instantaneous productivity and versatile.

Acumatica is designed for small and mid-sized growing companies, it is user-friendly, and consumption-based licensing that can grow/shrink with your needs that ensures you’re never punished for growing.

Acumatica allows businesses to have cloud scalability and seamless operations while cutting unnecessary costs. There are endless possibilities for efficiency with Acumatic’s Cloud ERP.

The following four factors are what makes Acumatica different from its competitors:

Business intelligence, comprehensive reporting, several deployment options.

  • Mobile ERP solutions

  • Flexible deployment model

  • Consumption-based licensing

  • Open cloud platform that allows comprehensive scalability

The solution’s key features include:

Business Intelligence (BI) – Acumatica allows users to gather information from the Acumatica dashboard and third-party data sources using BI tools, like Power BI. Additionally, reporting tools from independent software vendors (ISV) allow businesses to view data across the organization, or view by customer account, vendor, business entity and more. All data is presented in real time.

Distribution Management – Acumatica’s distribution management capability gives companies real-time visibility of inventory costs, inventory in transit, reorder quantities and available inventory. Acumatica lets users control costs across the entire distribution and supply chain. Users can integrate these activities with their company’s sales and financials.

Project Accounting – With this module, users can allocate overhead costs and shared expenses to projects based on accounting formulas. They can also streamline all billing scenarios, including fixed price, contract-specific pricing, cost-plus, milestone billing and more. Labor and materials can be billed according to the type of task or to a specific project contract. In addition, contractors, partners and personnel can enter timesheets with a browser on any device from anywhere.

Commerce – Acumatica’s commerce module allows users to effectively manage their companies’ distribution processes to improve customer experiences. Clients get the option to manage multiple lots, inventory sub-items, warehouses and expiration dates. Acumatica Commerce also includes a Product Configurator that helps users establish control over their products. A dimensional, multilevel, rules-configured system can be used on sales orders, product orders and quotes (with real-time cost and price rollup).

Target Market

Acumatica is intended for companies of all sizes in a variety of industries. Typical industries that it targets:

  • Construction

  • Distribution

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail-Commerce

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