Cloud Hosting for ERP — Frequently Asked Questions

Assembled here are the most frequently asked questions regarding cloud hosting for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems). If your question is not listed below and would like to know more about Cloud Hosting Services feel free to contact us with your question!

1. We are using an ERP system, which has two different database systems – Microsoft SQL Server and Hana.  Are versions of multiple ERPs supported by AttivoERP’s Cloud?

Yes – both SQL and HANA are supported. 

2. We’re on a really old version of our ERP system…what is the oldest version supported on the cloud?

In order to ensure that there is an escalation path to the software developer when needed for technical support, it is important to follow the general rule that most software developers use for supporting their software, which is “current version minus 2”. This means that if the current version is 9.3, then 9.3, 9.2, and 9.1 are supported. 

3. Can we update to the latest release of our ERP system when we move into the Cloud?

Yes, this is an outstanding opportunity to update to the latest release of your ERP software, since there will be a test period provided before your final cutover. 

4. Is there any minimum or a maximum number of users?

The minimum number of users is 5. There is no limit on the maximum number of users.

5. We have a very large number of users on our system…how do you handle this?

As the number of users grows, we monitor the demand on the system and deploy additional resources to insure optimal performance.

6. Where is the data center located?

The primary data center is located at Switch, Las Vegas ( Backup data centers in other geographical areas are utilized for disaster recovery. 

7. My company requires a secondary data center with immediate failover for disaster recovery. Can this be provided? 

Yes, this service is available at an extra cost. Your entire system can be replicated at the secondary data center, with data being replicated in near real-time. 

8. How fast is the service?

The service is very fast, with no difference noted between cloud access and your on-premise system. This is due to the use of Solid-State Drives on the equipment at the data center, as well as the fastest possible internet upload speeds from the data center. 

9. What is the minimum internet speed recommended at our office?

Generally speaking, for a small number of users (less than 25), we recommend a 10-megabit service or better. As the number of users increases, the bandwidth should increase as well. If you have a 100 MB service, there is really no limit to the number of users.

10. We have remote people overseas…will they have access to the cloud?

We have customers accessing our system from many different countries, and even those from China and Australia are seeing the good performance. 

11. What is the minimum contract term?

The minimum term is one year.

12. What kind of access to our data is provided?

We provide administrative access to your database for purposes of custom report writing, queries, etc. 

13. How can I get my data if I cancel the service?

Your data will be returned to you immediately at the conclusion of your service, and any backups remaining on our system will be deleted.

14. How quickly can we add users?

New users can be added within 1-2 hours upon request. There is a $150 charge for adding new users (no charge for deletes).

15. If I terminate an employee, will they have access to our systems?

As soon as you notify us of a termination, we immediately revoke their system credentials. There is only one set of credentials that provides access to all resources, so terminated employees will no longer have any access to your system.

16. Security is important to our company…can you provide 2-factor authentication?

Yes, we can provide Two Factor Authentication to further secure your systems.

17. What about data backup?

Backups occur in two different ways. First, backups are made and kept at the local datacenter. This includes complete server images, as well as the database and transaction logs which are maintained for fourteen (14) day rotations. Secondly, all data files, both SQL data, and data stored in various network folders are backed up separately daily and stored at a separate cloud service and maintained for a thirty (30) day rotation.

18. Is it possible to get a regular backup of our data to be stored at our office?

Yes, we can provide a service at a small additional cost that will send a backup of your data via internet on a schedule so that you will have a local copy of your data.

19. Can we have test servers when we need them?

Test servers can be made available at a small additional charge for a period for purposes of development, testing updates, validation, etc.

20. Who supports our ERP system?

Your ERP application software is supported directly by your Value Added Reseller if that is other than Attivo. In some cases, you may contact Attivo first, thinking it is a problem with the Cloud services. In that case, we will inform your reseller and let them know that there is an application issue that needs to be addressed on your behalf. We will let you know that the issue has been forwarded to them on your behalf. 

21. What are the hours for support for the cloud?

Your Cloud service is supported on a 24/7 basis to insure 99% uptime. User administration (add, delete users), changes in user access, publishing of new applications, and other such matters can be handled during weekdays from 8 AM Eastern to 9 PM Eastern.

22. Which ERP add-ons are supported?

All ERP add-ons are supported and can be installed on the cloud servers in the same way that they can be installed on a Local Area Network. 

23. Will hand-held scanners work on the Cloud?

Yes. Hand-held scanners for WMS typically operate via Wi-Fi, which communicates through Access Points positioned throughout the facility. These Access Points are part of your Local Area Network which is connected to the Internet.

24. Can we host AutoCAD and SolidWorks on the cloud? 

Although it can be done, we do not recommend deploying CAD systems on the Cloud due to the large size of CAD design files and the potential latency resulting from the transport of those files. 

25. Will we be able to use Crystal Reports? 

Yes. It will be a published application and made available to those persons that you identify as requiring access to the Crystal Reports Designer. 

26. We have a database administrator…will they be allowed access to our SQL or HANA database server?

Yes. We will provide administrative access to your database server via Management Studio. 

27. Are there any requirements for equipment at our office location?

Any equipment in use at your office, such as any workstations or file servers must be on a supported operating system that is still receiving security patches from the developer. For example, Windows XP and Windows 7 are no longer supported by Microsoft. This equipment may NOT be used for access to the Cloud systems. 

28. Can I use a printer that is only connected to my workstation?

Not easily. Printers should be connected to your Local Area Network and have an IP Address, or in the case of a home office, a printer that is plugged directly into a router. Inexpensive USB printers will not work consistently on the Cloud. 

29. Can we have file storage for shared documents, etc. so that we no longer need a file server at our local office?

Yes, just let us know what kind of storage space will be required and we will create file storage space with a “mapped drive” just like a local file server. These file folders can also have security applied to permit or deny access to specific persons.

30. What kind of reporting will we receive regarding our Cloud service?

You will receive a monthly recap of all activity, performance levels, updates performed, and more to provide insight into the performance and activity levels of your Cloud system.

We hope you found this information useful and your question was answered. If your question was not answered and would like to find out more about Cloud Hosting Services or hosting your SAP Business One system in the Attivo Private Cloud, feel free to Contact Us!