Attivo Academy

A Complete Solution and Comprehensive Solution

Why is Attivo Academy the Solution for Complete and Cost-Effective Training?  

  • Onboard new employees with an easy-to-use, standardized approach.  
  • Cross-train employees for multiple roles to further develop their system skills.  
  • Reduce the time and costs of training.  
  • Leverage new functions and features in your software.  
  • Track employee training progress.  
  • Receive live support and Q & A from our expert ERP consulting team.  
  • Use your desktop, smartphone, or tablet to access training 24/7.  


$120 per month!

Video Lessons

Ideal for busy employees and business owners, each lesson is relatively short and allows users to pause at any point to come back later, picking up where they left off. To encourage internal adoption, managers can access an employee’s training progress to ensure training initiatives stay on track, resulting in the entire team having a thorough understanding of how to do their jobs using the software tools provided.  

Check out this video for a sample lesson plan in Attivo Academy: 

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