How an ERP helps a CFO and business scale

As the highest-ranking financial professional in a business, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) juggles various challenges at any given time. Ensuring compliance and staying current on financial reporting regulations, tax laws, and industry-specific requirements is central in averting any legal issues. Managing the company’s capital and securing financing when needed is critical for growth and […]

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Metals + Technology: Revolutionizing Business Practices with ERP

Is there a sector in our economy that the metal industry does not touch? It’s an industry that provides materials and end-user applications for agriculture, automotive, engineering, building supplies, electronics, manufacturing and more. It also is an increasingly competitive industry, with businesses needing to embrace technological advances to keep pace and stay competitive. One way […]

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Why Food + Beverage Manufacturers Need to Consider an ERP System

While it’s true that every industry has its fair share of challenges, you can say that the food and beverage industry has a unique set. Whether it’s adhering to strict regulatory requirements, efficiently managing inventory to avoid stockouts, or maintaining quality control to keep customers coming back, food and beverage manufacturers need to implement systems […]

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5 Common Myths About ERP Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are nothing new, and neither are the misconceptions about them. From being too big for an organization or too time consuming to implement, the truth is, today’s ERP is not your grandfather’s, and many of the misconceptions are just that – not true.  So if you are thinking about how […]

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Taking Notes

What you need to know about the discontinuation of QuickBooks Desktop

What you need to know about QuickBooks Desktop discontinuing and some alternative options for you and your business. QuickBooks has made the decision to discontinue QuickBooks Desktop for their customers. QuickBooks has advised that the discontinuation is due to the Desktop platform increasing the risk of customers using out-of-date and non-compliant software and missing important […]

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Frustrated Vintage

Adding More Value with Lean Accounting

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits that Lean and Six Sigma methodologies can bring to your operations, it’s an opportune time to think about applying these principles to your accounting department. “Lean accounting?” you might ask. When one considers how relatively unchanged most accounting practices and systems have remained for decades, it only makes […]

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Take Your Business Operations to the Next Level with Cloud Computing

The range of business management services available to manufacturers, distributors, and service-based organizations has never been larger, offering owners and stakeholders greater value and better operational efficiencies than ever. Virtually every need a business could have is now available, well, virtually.  Attivo is proud of our leadership role in the ERP, MRP, accounting, and SaaS […]

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Let’s go to the Gemba: Where value is created

The contributions by Japanese industrialists and the Asian post-World War II manufacturing sector to the methodologies of quality assurance and continuous improvement are numerous. Previously we have discussed an array of different Lean management principles to continue developing these continuous improvement strategies based on these contributions.  In the case of our current topic, Gemba, we’ll […]

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Visual Management: Seeing is Believing

One of the many advantages of Lean is its ability to connect team members with standardized methodologies on a shared platform to foster greater collaboration. The value of everyone being on the same page delivers tremendous value in helping stakeholders understand and respond to the challenges and tasks at hand. Going Lean can deliver even more […]

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Five Whys: Understanding the Root Cause

In our continuing journey of exploring the operational benefits of leveraging Lean principles, we find ourselves back in the hallowed halls of Toyota. A true pioneer of continuous improvement and one of the legendary manufacturing success stories, the founder of Toyota Motor Corp. were among the first to understand and apply rigid quality assurance techniques […]

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