Software Partners

We have been helping clients gain efficiencies with world-class software systems since 1992.

Each of our clients has unique needs, and a one-size-fits-all solution is not how we approach solving a client’s business challenge in running their business.

That’s why Attivo offers a broad selection of add-on solutions to complement our ERP offerings, to satisfy the unique needs of our client companies.

Join the growing list of Attivo Software Solution Partners and take advantage of business opportunities as an Attivo Software Partner. Check out the list below of current partners. Then give us a call to learn about business opportunities by becoming a Software Partner.

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Achieve IT

AchieveIT Solutions is a leading provider of SAP Business One based business management software. With Over 24 years in the ERP industry and helping companies worldwide organize their operations, AchieveIT provides businesses with the right softwaresolutions to support any needs and challenges of your business.


Avalara – Avalara is an end-to-end transaction tax management company. Avalara takes a process that was previously economically impractical for small to mid-size company’s and makes it affordable, accurate, and faster than anybody could imagine. They do this by delivering sales tax solutions via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Today, more than 10,000 businesses rely on Avalara’s services making it a provider of 100 sub-second sales tax calculations and $20 billion in filings annually.

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Boyum IT Solutions is a certified and multi-awarded SAP Gold Partner, passionate about helping partners and customers reach new levels of success with software solutions that expand SAP Business One’s possibilities and functionality.



EBizCharge is a PCI-compliant credit card and eCheck solution that provides businesses with a faster and safer way of accepting customer payments. With integrations into Acumatica, Dynamics BC, NetSuite, and SAP B1, it eliminates late payments and decrease overall days outstanding.

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CompuTec ProcesForce

While every company seeks to reduce expenses and improve efficiency, the logistics are often difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to streamline processes. To address this very common challenge, Attivo Group has partnered with CompuTec SA to offer the ProcessForce solution, which extends SAP Business One to handle complex manufacturing needs.

business management software

Cloud Trek

Cloud Trek is a cloud hosting provider based in Southern California. Their mission is to provide an ideal business infrastructure combined with exceptional support so you can focus on developing your core business rather than focusing on IT development and support.


ECi Software Solutions – ECI Software Solutions, headquartered in Fort Worth, TX, specializes in software and services for a diverse group of companies in the manufacturing, building & construction, field service, and distribution vertical markets. Attivo Group is proud to be ECi’s Referral Partner for Cloud Hosting for the Macola product line. Attivo is also an Authorized Service Provider for a select group of ECi Macola customers.

Enterpryze logo


The easy to use, powerful, cloud platform to help you manage your Stock, Customers & Suppliers all in one solution. Stop running your business with basic accounting and excel spreadsheets. Get an All in One cloud-software with CRM, Service, Accounting and Banking to streamline your business activities.

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Providing quality job management and project management solutions for small to mid-sized businesses, Eralis Software has partnered with The Attivo Group to offer SAP-certified companion solutions for SAP Business One. 

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Exact Software

Exact Software’s integrated solutions encompass executive control, accounting, manufacturing, distribution, online commerce, CRM, HRM, document management, web portals, workflow, and more, empowering collaboration among employees, suppliers, and customers with real-time access to central web-based corporate information and exchange. Exact Software’s solutions provide greater visibility across the organization, maximizing control, productivity, and efficiency for the entire value chain. Their flagship products include Exact Synergy and Globe ERP. 

Leahy ERP Solutions logo

Leahy Consulting, Inc.

Leahy Consulting has been one of the leading developers of 3rd party ERP software solutions, with over 3 decades of experience in the ERP software landscape. They are the developers of the Pulse Suite of software add-ons including – Pulse Dashboard, Pulse Archive, Pulse Security, Pulse eCommerce, Pulse Lockbox and Pulse Utilities.


Lynq Smart Manager

Whether you make to stock or make to order it is essential to be able to plan production quickly and accurately. Lynq Smart Manager is fully integrated with all versions of Macola, as well as SAP Business One and other ERP solutions. It helps with production planning by providing an easy-to-use graphical view of your work centers. From a single screen, you can see when the work can be done and whether the materials needed are available. It also allows Lynq Smart Manager to schedule some or all of the production for you, meeting your target dates and finding the ideal times and work centers. 

Mondial Sotwares

Mondial Software

Mondial delivers a global financial reporting and compliance software platform. The platform is primarily for companies with multiple legal entities and distributed operations, who are in search of a single system for management, group, and statutory financial reporting.




Complete, integrated processing for accounts payable 

Tipalti is a global leader in payables automation and spending management, designed to seamlessly integrate into your ERP system. Focused on minimizing the time your finance team spends on manual payables processes while helping to speed up your financial close, Tipalti helps teams improve cash flow visibility while alleviating the amount of manual work your team spends on the payables process.  Many customers experience a cost savings of up to 80% of their accounts payable processing costs using Tipalti!  

PayNation logo

Paynation Bridgelink 

PayNation, specializes in optimizing and securing payment environments while providing the best rates possible. Fulfill all your incoming customer payment needs with the Advanced Payment Gateway and the Bridgelink software that integrates with most ERP systems. Make payments simple with a platform that allows you to process and manage transactions – from anywhere you need, safely and securely. 

business management software

WiSys Warehouse Management Software

WiSys provides a comprehensive warehouse management solution to handle all areas of logistics with real-time bar-coding transactions.  The WiSys Agility Desktop provides access to ERP data in a worksheet manner to not only analyze but to act on data as required. The WiSys solutions work with SAP Business One and all versions of Macola.  Over the course of the past 12 years, The Attivo Group has worked for hand in hand with WiSys on dozens of implementations for our clients. Their development and support team often serves as a seamless extension of our own team. It is our strong relationship with the entire WiSys team that allows us to collaborate on complex problems and find creative solutions.