Food & Beverage Industry: Detectives Fight Food Fraud

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You’ve heard the stories: wood pulp in Parmesan cheese, horse meat at the IKEA’s beef Bolognese, and other food fakers. It’s a serious problem when you have multiple vendors all working together to make one product. How are you, as a food or beverage manufacturer, supposed to stay in compliance and out of law suites?

Food Detectives Fight Food Fraud

Food fraud is a billion dollar industry, and a group of researches at Queens University in Northern Ireland are dedicated to sift out the culprits and keep the food and beverage industry honest.And that’s great, but how do you keep your company’s food or beverage out from under his microscope?

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Traceability and Keeping Food Honest

If you’re in the Food and Beverage Industry, you know all about Traceability and the important compliance laws that keep track of any food through all stages of production, processing, and distribution. You must be able to easily take one step back and one step forward at any point in the supply chain. When receiving an ingredient from a vendor, where did that come from? Can they easily pull Traceability records as well? Do you keep track of all this in an easily accessible ERP system – or is it all paper and human based?

If you’re caught-up in a food fraud scandal, you want to be easily able to show that it was not at the fault of your company. Traceability will ensure that your food or beverage company is safe from the financially crippling finger pointing.

We all want safe food to eat, but in today’s global economy our only hope of honest food is Visibility and Traceability.

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