Doesn’t your system deserve the best maintenance and support?

Today’s business environment is more competitive than ever. Globalization, inflation, higher labor costs, and the wider availability of cheaper (and often inferior) goods produced offshore make it essential that your company leverage every advantage available to you. You’ve already optimized your organization with Macola to achieve efficient data management and operational transparency – but have you considered other strategies to further position your organization as a customer-centric, hyper-efficient, category leader?

These days, taking your business to the next level increasingly means re-thinking your relationship with technology and the systems you use to run your infrastructure.

Making your Macola experience even better

Winning the business of new customers and retaining the loyalty of existing accounts requires the best efforts of all stakeholders. That doesn’t just mean working optimally across each of your organization’s departments, it also requires functioning in unison with your technology assets. Lowering operating costs and gaining greater efficiencies keep your people productive and happy while improving customer satisfaction, all of which can make a measurable difference on your bottom line.

As a trusted partner chosen by ECi Software as the go-to choice for Macola hosting, we have the ERP expertise and support know-how to help you reach your goals. Whether you’re interested in accelerating growth, improving data security, or reducing CapEx and OpEx, or all of the above, Attivo offers a variety of options. In addition to our best-in-class hosting, Macola-certified training, and support, we have decades of experience customizing Macola modules such as such as M1®, JobBOSS®, MAX™ and EasyOrder™. Our ERP software programmers also have deep experience developing applications from the ground up to meet your highly specific needs.

With all of our services we strive to deliver solutions that can be deployed rapidly, integrated seamlessly, and that feature intuitive interfaces to accelerate getting up to speed.

Support and Training

As part of our on-boarding process in Standard Support, we fully document your entire system including software versions, enhancements, work instructions, and configurations. This makes it easy for your team to understand the solution and simplifies interactions with our support specialists.

Attivo has over a decade of experience with Macola and making the move from the IT closet to the cloud painless and predictable. We also have deep domain experience hosting and providing managed services for popular add-on solutions which include WiSys, Pulse, Lynq, F9 and many others.

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