Best Practices to Protect Customer Credit Card Data

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Have you ever been a victim of credit card fraud? Your bank can quickly send you a new card, but then you face hours of going online and updating your payment method on every online account you have established.

If you accept credit card payments from your customers, it is vital that you do everything you can to protect that credit card data so that your customer will not be inconvenienced with the hassle of having to receive a new card and redoing all of their online accounts.

Besides making sure your credit card processor is PCI Compliant, it is equally important to know how they protect customer data.

Data Encryption uses a ‘secret key’ to protect data, but by design, that encryption is reversible, which means that the encrypted data can be returned back to its original, unencrypted form. At one time, data encryption was the standard for storing sensitive data.

Tokenization protects credit card data by replacing it with an algorithmically generated number called a token, which is only decipherable with the proper payment card tokenization system.

Think of it in terms of a video arcade. When you purchase tokens at an arcade, you can use them to play games in that arcade. But if you leave with $20 worth of tokens, those tokens have no value outside the arcade.

Leading credit card processors, such as EBizCharge, use Tokenization to store and protect your customer credit card data within a cloud-based virtual vault. This allows merchants to access the gateway from multiple locations, which permits greater functionality and continuous productivity. Even if a hacker somehow got inside that virtual vault, Tokenization ensures that the information would be indecipherable.

EBizCharge, by Century Business Solutions, is fully integrated with Macola, Sage, QuickBooks, Accumatica and many other ERP software systems.

Give your customers the peace of mind of knowing that their credit card data is secure. It will be peace of mind for you, too!

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