3 Ways ERP Can Automate Your Human Resources

ERP Platform

When people think of ERP they immediately think of the ways it can automate their operations. From warehouse management to invoicing customers, there are countless ways that ERP can help streamline day to day processes and improve the bottom line.

One thing that most people overlook when evaluating an ERP system is human resources. Most modern ERP systems are equipped with extremely powerful HR modules. And like other departments in your business, automating HR and other administrative tasks can save money and make your business run more efficiently.

HR Software: Track and Automate Certifications

There are a number of industries that require employees to have certain certifications. Food manufacturers have a number of compliance requirements and quality assurance needs. Some ISO certifications require that employees are trained in specific areas. Forklift operators, machinists and safety managers will need to have up to date certifications on equipment. All of that paperwork can be difficult to manage, and if a certification accidentally falls out of date, an organization can be on the hook for heavy fines and penalties. HR management software modules can not only track all of the necessary certifications and which employees hold them, but can send out automated alerts when those certifications have their renewals coming up.

Automate Administrative Processes

Another way that HR management can help keep a business better organized is by automating administrative tasks like sick and vacation time. Imagine if two employees put in a vacation request for the same week. They are the only two people capable of operating a special piece of equipment, and a big order from one of you best customers comes in. You can automate the vacation request process in your ERP system and have those employees’ manger receive a notice when a request is put in. An integrated system means that the manager can check the production schedule against vacation requests and approve those requests so long as it doesn’t impact productivity. Instead of having an HR person trying to organize written requests, that person is freed up to handle more important tasks and productivity isn’t negatively impacted.

Take the Stress Out of Payroll

Payroll is an extremely important task that is either outsourced completely or falls onto the desk of your HR department. This can be an extremely time consuming task that will cost you a lot of money if you outsource to a 3rd party, or leaves you open for costly errors if you do your Payroll in house without an automated system. ERP can track all of your employees’ pay rates, accrued vacation and sick time, automatically deduct income and payroll taxes and even manage direct deposit. Automating this task not only brings a costly expense back in house, but it protects you from human errors that can hurt your employees or even result in an audit.

Sometimes people forget that the “E” in ERP stands for enterprise, and that includes human resources. If you are interested in automating your organization or want to get more out of your current system you can call The Attivo Group at 877-428-8486 or contact us here.