The Rewards of Automating and Integrating Shop Floor Reporting

A Shop Floor that is operating at high efficiency bodes well for your entire operation.

To remain competitive and efficient, accurate Shop Floor Reporting is essential. This is especially true in today’s competitive world and against the backdrop of current global supply chain challenges. More than ever, your management team and production schedulers simply can’t afford to have blind spots which prevent them from having access to timely and actionable information.

Here’s a checklist of common pain points which may be preventing enterprise-wide visibility of your operations and how best-in-class shop floor data collection can transform your organization:

If your reporting is manual, can you trust it?

If data is being captured on paper, we need to talk. “Management by Clipboard” is a red flag and the metrics being captured are inadequate. For example, do you have real-time access to information about Quantities Produced, Components Used, and In/Out Labor times? How do you know it is up-to-date and accurate? Getting this information right and conveying it to all pertinent areas of your organization is vital. Tracking the materials that are consumed to make your products and the labor costs related to production is essential to maximum efficiencies.

Is your reporting timely?

Getting notification of a problem after it has already occurred wastes the opportunity to take preventive measures or corrective action. For visibility of labor and equipment resources to be useful it must be current and available to the right decision makers. If you’re experiencing component materials “Stock-Outs”, it’s important to ask why steps were not taken to avoid this production killer when it would have made a difference. Having to expedite Supplier Orders to make delivery deadlines almost always increases costs. Similarly, orders that are released to the Shop Floor only to find that critical materials or resources are not available is a clear indication of a communication breakdown.

The solution to Shop Floor dysfunction is remarkably simple:

A holistic approach to capturing data points makes transparency throughout your operations happen within days of integration. Attivo All-In-One, powered by SAP Business One, delivers these capabilities (among many others):

Automatically records real-time updates to all Production Orders

Work process data is available on multiple platforms and devices

End-to-end transparency of materials and time information for informed decision making

Logs sign-in and sign-out of Shop Floor production orders, increasing accountability

Real-time flagging of error conditions such as materials shortages

Attivo All-In-One, powered by SAP Business One has the most powerful and fully integrated analytic and reporting tools in the ERP software sector for small to mid-sized businesses. This makes it easier and more efficient to design and implement customized quality control processes and methods across your organization.