The Key Component of User Training


When implementing an ERP system, it goes beyond just purchasing software and clicking buttons. Understanding that ERP systems are designed to facilitate the adoption of management best practices will enable effective control and optimization of various industry processes. 

One of the most common problems for potential clients is that users are not properly trained on their new system. Companies often have employee turnover and new hires that lack the necessary training, leading to a decline in overall ERP performance over time. 

It is essential to have comprehensive team management training on how to leverage the tools your ERP system offers. Fortunately, The Attivo Group emphasizes thorough training during our implementations and long after your system is up and running. Our team of consultants provide both in-person and online training, to ensure your team is fully equipped to handle the new systems. Curious? Just check out our Solutions Library

Our consultants offer support to end users with “day in the life” testing to prepare them for the new system, and live Q&A sessions to answer questions and cover specific concepts.  

Our online ERP training portal, Attivo Academy, offers detailed guidance to your team in mastering their tasks when learning their new system. This portal is available for anyone to undergo initial training at their own pace, enabling a kick-start to the learning process. Down the line

Connect with our seasoned consultants today and discover how our comprehensive training initiatives play a pivotal role in driving growth for your business. Don’t miss out on maximizing your outcomes – reach out to us today!