Supply Chain Disruptions are Making Agility Non-Negotiable


Disruptions have become the new norm for global food and beverage supply chains. Our way of doing business is constantly hit by one problem after another. Here’s the deal: things we need are vanishing from stores and prices are skyrocketing. Even the Panama Canal, vital for global trade, is struggling due to low water levels, causing delays and higher shipping costs. Things are looking pretty serious, and businesses that don’t keep up and adjust to these changes will fall behind.

From the pandemic to extreme weather events and raw material shortages, it’s obvious that supply chains now exist in what seems to be an unfortunate state of constant disruption. These can lead to increased product waste and returns, heighten food safety risks from spoilage, and make it difficult for suppliers to meet retailer demands for longer shelf-life products.  

These challenges result in significant financial and reputational consequences for the food and beverage industry. You might be asking yourself, how can I become more agile and resilient in my supply chain operations? 

Leveraging ERP systems can help supply chain managers improve inefficiencies by offering real-time insights and enabling real-time responses to disruptions. The visibility of an ERP aids in identifying and resolving bottlenecks and delays while facilitating audits to maintain social and environmental standards. 

  • ActiV Technologies offers cloud-based solutions for real-time supply chain visibility and management, integrating with ERP systems to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end view and enable companies to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency. 

In our disrupted world, ERP systems offer security, resilience, and agility when you need it most. Contact The Attivo Group to learn more.