How to Simplify ERP Implementation with SAP Business One

ERP system implementation

As a business owner, CFO, Controller, or accounting manager you are responsible for keeping process and project management organized and efficient, which requires constant monitoring that can be labor and time-intensive. If you’re relying on separate databases, spreadsheets, and systems that aren’t designed to be integrated, your team is likely wasting time and money with manual data collection, entry, analytics, and reporting, which are prone to expensive errors and inefficiencies.

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning software, is an incredibly useful business tool to facilitate these tasks. It is the logical step up from a simple accounting system such as QuickBooks, to an integrated system of required information management.   

Yet, many small businesses don’t make the move to an ERP as they’ve heard about the difficulty, frustration, and time disruption required or caused by many ERP implementations. That’s why Attivo’s team of senior industry experts set out to change the landscape for small business owners!

Attivo knows that small businesses need management solutions that are:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Immediately beneficial
  • Implemented quickly without interrupting operations
  • Maintained with minimal work

Attivo All-in-One is a comprehensive business management software solution expertly designed for the challenges of small businesses and includes the implementation of ERP, which can scale with your business as you grow. 

Why Implement ERP?

ERP software manages and integrates a company’s supply chain, sales management, accounting, human resources, ecommerce, manufacturing, distribution, and quality assurance activities. Without ERP, your business is likely operating multiple independent systems to manage different facets of your company. This creates complicated, siloed data and cumbersome, error-prone manual processes that could be easily streamlined with the right ERP system. Implementing an ERP gives you a critical set of tools for scalability, business growth, and adapting to unexpected challenges.

Discover Attivo All-in-One: Integrated business management systems, tools, and processes built to help you achieve your vision.

How Does Attivo All-in-One Simplify ERP Implementation?

  1. Unlike other ERP implementations, Attivo All-in-One won’t disrupt your production, profits, or operations for months on end. The implementation is highly automated, and therefore much quicker than other ERP implementations. Attivo All-in-One can be launched in weeks instead of months or years. 
  2. The implementation process was designed with online accessibility in mind by a team with deep expertise cultivated in decades of experience. Attivo All-in-One is tailored to your specific needs and includes role-based online learning systems, process assessment and improvement, data conversion, and project management tools designed to quickly bring small business teams up to speed. 
  3. Attivo All-in-One is a monthly subscription service with a fixed implementation cost. There are no hidden fees, and it includes unlimited technical support. 

If you’re tired of using systems that don’t meet your business needs or integrate to support your goals, Attivo All-in-One may be for you. Attivo All-in-One is much more than ERP alone- its world-class integrated systems and services are a strategic partnership that leverages the domain knowledge of Attivo’s expert senior consultants to answer the million-dollar question, “How do you want technology to help you achieve your business vision?” 

Contact us to see how you can regain control of your company’s information and process management systems. If you have questions about Attivo All-in-One and how Attivo can help effectively transition your business, give us a call at 877-428-8486.