How to fall prey to a totally avoidable crime


It’s quiet and still on a Sunday morning. The clock hovers in the five o’clock hour, the sun begins to rise, and the birds just start to wake from their slumber. It is serene and peaceful, but don’t let this scene fool you; there is danger underfoot. 

At a nondescript building that houses multiple offices, a crime is being committed, though no windows are broken, or doors kicked in. Instead, it’s a crime that easily flies under the radar and often goes unseen till the damage is done.  

A few keystrokes by a cybercriminal using someone else’s login credentials are all it took. BOOM, they are into the computer system of an unsuspecting – and unprepared – business. And now, the real damage can happen.  

They access files they’re not authorized to see, such as company data and customer information. It’s what drove this person to commit this crime, as they will use this data to their advantage, holding it hostage and demanding the company pay a ransom to get it back. Oh, and even if the company pays the ransom to get their stolen information returned to them, that cybercriminal will hold onto that data for future attacks. 

And how do the people at this company know a crime has been committed and their data stolen? Without a secure cloud-based system, they won’t know until it’s too late.  

No company wants to find itself in this position. A hack on any scale not only costs millions of dollars, (it’s true; according to IBM’s 2023 Cost of a Data Breach Report, the average impact of a data breach on businesses with fewer than 500 employees is $3.31 million), but also it can negatively impact the company’s brand and reputation.   

Yet, the chances of it happening to you, unfortunately, are high.   


Good news/bad news 

Let’s start with the bad news. Cyberattacks cause significant damage and expense. According to one study, cybercrime cost U.S. businesses collectively more than $6.9 billion in 2021, and while you might think it’s only a big company problem, it isn’t. Forty-one percent of data breaches involve small and medium-sized companies, so anyone is at risk, including you if you have on-premise servers. The reason is simple: there is no one watching your servers 24/7, and the criminals know that.  

Think about it; even if you have the best-trained and most competent techs on staff, it is impossible for them to monitor your servers for suspicious activity at all times. It’s akin to hiring a security guard to watch over your home. Even though they are there, it’s still possible your home gets burglarized when the security guard gets tired, takes bathroom breaks, or even walks the perimeter. It’s simply not possible to watch all access points of the home at all times.  

But rest assured, it’s not all bad news. There is a solution.  


Cloud-based systems 

With a cloud-based backup system in place, cyber-attacks get shut down almost immediately even if no one is monitoring them. That’s because Attivo’s cloud-based systems have critical security measures in place, such as cutting-edge encryption, firewalls, multi-factor authentication, plus a team of “watchers” always standing by. And we automatically push out new updates and features, ensuring the software is not only secure and up to date, but also in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. 

In other words, it’s so secure, we can sense a breach as it happens and alert the appropriate people within seconds, minimizing any damage or loss.  

The days of on-premise servers are numbered. Sure, some businesses require them due to certain regulations, and we get that. But, if that’s not you and you still aren’t on the cloud, we just have one question to ask: What are you waiting for? 

The only answer we can surmise is a hack or breach, and remember, you don’t want that. Instead, get peace of mind and ensure your business doesn’t fall prey to criminals who can do unsurmountable damage with the strokes of a few keys. Save your company – and your reputation – by giving us a call today. Contact us.