How Does ERP Help With Inventory Management?

inventory control software

Managing your inventory is a daunting task. There are many moving pieces, and one mistake can result in expensive shipping costs or even the loss of customers. If you’re a small business, you may not have the resources or storage space to buy large amounts of your inventory in advance, and you’ll need a way to keep a close eye on the stock you have on-hand. 


An ERP system like SAP Business One, Acumatica, or NetSuite will help to integrate your inventory management system and ensure that the rest of your organization is able to effectively operate. 


Here are a few ways ERP software helps you manage your inventory. 


Manually processing your inventory is time-consuming and, quite frankly, it wastes valuable time that your team could spend on other tasks. An ERP system will eliminate your old spreadsheets that need to be constantly updated, and your staff will have access to real-time inventory management updates. When you have an ERP system that automatically updates, there is less chance for human error to occur, and your jobs will be done on time and correctly. 

Integrate Business Processes 

When all of your business operations are integrated into one ERP system, your employees will spend less time trying to locate one particular piece of inventory. The ERP system will automatically track the inventory you have on-hand so you’ll know exactly which raw materials you have to complete an order. Your inventory will always be accurate, and this will increase overall efficiency – saving you time and money. 

Forecast and Restock

ERP systems keep track of the sales, purchasing, and logistics for your organization so that you always have the correct amount of inventory to fulfill your company’s needs. Managing long lead-items will no longer be an issue because you’ll know which items need to be restocked in advance. When your inventory is running low, your ERP system will either prompt your purchasing manager to reorder or it will automatically reorder the needed materials for you. When your inventory is reordered within a reasonable time, you’ll reduce the chance of facing enormous freight costs to expedite the items.


With an ERP system in place, your staff will have access to a centralized inventory management database that is updated in real-time. Your business will not risk promising customers something you cannot deliver because you know exactly what inventory you have on hand. Your business will see major benefits from automating and streamlining your business processes.


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