ERP Basics: Get Your FAQ’s Answered!


Curious about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)? While every business experience is unique, our Senior Sales Consultant, Chris Baker, sheds light on the common questions and issues he encounters with our customers. Whether you’re upgrading an existing system or new to the world of ERP, our team provides the expertise to handle it all.  

Meet Chris Baker, with over 30 years in technology sales, Baker began his career in 1990 with telecom giants like AT&T and MCI. For the past 15 years, he’s focused on ERP sales, known for his personalized solutions and attention to detail that guarantee long-term success for clients. So, we wanted to check in with him about the common questions our clients raise.  

What are some common challenges customers face within their business processes? 

“Clients often encounter similar issues, such as communication gaps, operational inefficiencies, and limited data visibility. It’s not uncommon for clients to lack knowledge about ERP systems, which can make it harder for them to identify their specific needs. We’re here to bridge that gap so clients can make more informed decisions and find solutions that effectively address their unique pain points.” 

How do businesses with an ERP system differ from those without, and what impact do these have on their operations? 

“Companies without an ERP in place usually depend on obsolete methods like manual record-keeping with excel grids or pencil and paper. These outdated approaches result in operational inefficiencies and significant challenges in scaling business operations. Companies with an ERP system, or a legacy ERP, might not be adapted to the functionality of their business. Those with optimized ERP systems are more likely to have efficient and productive operations.” 

How deeply does Attivo get involved in the ERP implementation process, and what is the duration of the entire journey from start to finish? 

“Transitioning from old systems to ERP is a complex process that requires a methodical approach, typically taking 4-8 months from selection to go-live. We conduct open-ended discovery sessions and a 10-point process with clients before and after to better understand their core problems and identify improvements. Our priority is to help clients determine if and why they need a change, ensuring a smooth and successful transition, while maintaining ongoing support.” 

Attivo maintains a deeply involved relationship with clients, providing continuous support throughout the process. Contact us today to learn more about what Attivo can do for you!