Client management software for small business

Today’s metal manufacturing sector faces a number of hurdles. Unprecedented growth has put pressure on lowering costs and being able to efficiently match supply with demand. The competition is stiff and factories are working to find ways to refine their business models to improve the bottom line. Here are three common challenges facing metal manufacturers today:

Efficient and Accurate Quoting

One of the main challenges metal manufacturers need to address is how to efficiently and accurately quote. Providing clients a reliable estimate that’s feasible for your manufacturing plant to produce is only one part of the equation. Additional factors to consider are your profit margin and production timetable. Without the reliability that comes with knowing these numbers, it’s difficult to meet the needs of your buyers while operating at peak performance. 


With SAP Business One, your organization will have access to detailed reporting necessary for efficient and accurate quoting. In an instant, your business can easily understand the capital and resources necessary to meet client needs and your ability to manufacture according to client specifications.


Scheduling Machines and Resources

Across the country, metal manufacturers face this challenge every day as they continue to receive unique, diverse orders from their clients. Each production line may involve many different manufacturing procedures, machinery, and other resources that must be coordinated to maximize production efficiency. 


An ERP system like SAP Business One solves this challenge by automating many of your manufacturing processes, down to scheduling individual pieces of machinery. This innovative software solution also streamlines your procurement efforts so that the resources you need for each job arrive on time and are ready to go when you are.


Warehouse Logistics and Product Delivery

Efficiently manufacturing your clients’ products means nothing if they aren’t delivered on time. In today’s competitive environment, one major setback could cause customers to take their business to another plant. After all, companies thrive by meeting the expectations of their buyers.


With Attivo’s help, you’ll be able to significantly cut down on manufacturing and delivery delays. We understand how each step of the supply chain interconnects to create a finished product and our ERP solutions account for reliable product routing steps including manufacturing lead times. SAP Business One’s advanced planning and scheduling software processes and organizes the large amounts of data you need to make informed business decisions and meet demands as quickly as possible.

At Attivo, we’ve spent years tailoring solutions to help ensure your success. From SAP Business One software to the Attivo Dedicated Cloud, we have been helping clients gain efficiencies with world-class operating systems since 1992. If you have questions about any of the features listed above and how the Attivo Group can help effectively implement them at your business, give us a call today and schedule a complimentary analysis at 877-428-8486 or contact us online.