SAP Business One Implementation Propels Lavior into Walmart Stores

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Lavior, a trailblazer in the manufacturing pharmaceutical industry, set out to redefine skincare solutions for some of the most prevalent and intricate skin conditions globally. Founded by visionaries Gilad and Anabelle Savion, Lavior capitalized on the remarkable healing potential of the Inula AGS RIED species, crafting a groundbreaking product line headlined by their flagship product, Supercharge Hydrogel.

Lavior Business Challenges:

Initially managing their operations via QuickBooks, Lavior faced challenges with rapidly increasing sales and newfound demand for their products. Realizing the need for an enhanced system, they explored Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. Lavior engaged with The Attivo Group to assess their needs and recommend a suitable system that could keep up with their evolving needs and elevate their operations for potential expansion into retailers like Walmart.

Discovery With Attivo:

The Attivo Group quickly uncovered essential aspects of Lavior’s business that needed enhancement and crafted a new structural framework tailored to their specific requirements, crucial for Walmart’s specifications. SAP Business One emerged as the optimal software solution to meet Lavior’s unique requirements, promising seamless integration without disrupting ongoing operations. 

After consulting with Attivo, Lavior sought to integrate Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to improve traceability and reporting. EDI integration improves these functions by integrating electronic documents with a range of IT systems to support data collection, visibility and analysis. Which also supports positive customer experiences by enabling efficient transaction execution and prompt, reliable product and service. The integration with two Third-Party Logistics (3PL) providers for manufacturing and warehousing would further streamline Lavior’s operations. These two features created the foundation for Lavior to get into Walmart stores nationwide.

Getting Lavior Into Walmart:

Lavior was looking for two main things: 

  1. Enhancing their current system processes to adapt to their newfound success.
  2. Get their products into Walmart, the largest multinational retailer in America.

Attivo was able to lay out all the steps necessary in order to get Lavior to reach their goals. Starting with a customized demonstration of SAP Business One, which includes best practices and recommendations for the current structure and forecasted growth of Lavior. This was a crucial step for the Lavior team, since they were desperate to learn the intricacies of an entirely new (and much more robust) system. This can be a major undertaking for most businesses since they aren’t equipped with the expertise or background necessary to make these vital decisions. 

Attivo highlighted the new functionalities of SAP Business One, and matched these features with the current needs of Lavior. Emphasizing on supply chain visibility, accounting and financial management, sales processes, procurement process, and inventory management, which was critical for Lavior to see in their new system due to their exponential growth.

Attivo also conducted a comprehensive review and implementation of SAP Business One’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) features. This approach not only addressed Lavior’s immediate operational challenges but also set the stage for sustained growth and innovation within the pharmaceutical industry.

Next, the development phase commenced with data extraction from QuickBooks, laying the foundation for the new system. Attivo devised a new structure for Lavior, incorporating a User Access Control (UAC) system, ensuring their team could quickly adapt to the impending system. Proper training for employees is a pillar for a successful implementation process, which is why Attivo ensures detailed and effective guidance during this phase. 

“Attivo built the system for us with the scalability of SAP to allow us to grow WITH our needs. And knowing today, exactly where I can go with the system, is something, for me, the major reason to choose SAP Business One. 

In two weeks time, the Attivo Group managed to give me a solution so fast and answer the unmet needs of our customers, in a better way. I trust Attivo today, to guide us, to consult us, and to help us to grow with our business needs. I believe we will be able to now keep up with the growing of Lavior in the future.”

Gilad Savion, President of Lavior


Lavior was able to provide feedback and customization requests, for which Attivo fine-tuned to align with their unique wants and needs. Then, the final blueprint for their new system was drafted to ensure complete alignment with the promised expectations and functionality. 

Focusing on Lavior’s growing need for enhanced supply chain visibility, Attivo was able to centralize and streamline Lavior’s business processes within SAP Business One. The various disjointed systems that Lavior previously had with Quickbooks and other outside systems was finally integrated into one cohesive platform, effectively managing all aspects of their operations to further future proof their business and manage efficiencies.

Attivo proceeded to meticulously build and finalize SAP Business One for Lavior, while providing comprehensive face-to-face and online training sessions to onboard Lavior’s team with the necessary knowledge and guidelines for navigating the system. Once the system is completely implemented, and employees are properly trained on their new software, they were ready to go-live!

Since Lavior’s go-live, they have been running at peak performance, continuously keeping up with their operations and increased demand. Walmart quickly hopped on board with Lavior after successfully adopting the standards and regulations for Walmart’s manufacturers, and since, their Supercharge Hydrogel line has been flying off the shelves.


Attivo’s integration of SAP Business One marked a pivotal step in the evolution and success for Lavior. Through their seamless integration of SAP Business One, Attivo revolutionized Lavior’s business management strategies by streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, providing scalable systems and optimizing processes.

Attivo’s custom implementation strategy and unwavering support showcases their commitment to leveraging technology for scaling operations effectively and meeting industry demands in an ever-evolving market. To learn more, contact us.