Businesses Need to Make a Digital Transformation in 2021

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In 2021, embracing technology as a permanent part of your business infrastructure is no longer forward-thinking, but expected and necessary. Outdated systems simply can not keep up when compared to the capabilities of new technologies. In many cases, the pandemic was the final straw that triggered the urgent need for a digital shift in business. 


The growth of digital infrastructure in our society is undeniable – whether you look at the quick adoption of app-based grocery shopping and delivery, telemedicine, or remote work and education. The increased access to technology has made digital infrastructures an essential element of a successful business 

What is the First Step in Transitioning to a Digital Infrastructure? 

Making thoughtful and informed business decisions is nearly impossible without proper planning and research. The first and most important step to transitioning your business to a digital infrastructure is educating yourself on the basics of Cloud Hosting and ERP. While there’s ample information out there about different software packages and their various bells and whistles, it is important to evaluate how the benefits of tools and technologies will address your own unique needs. 

How to Transition Your Business to Cloud Hosting 

Server upgrades can seem never-ending when running a successful, growing business. In many cases, making small upgrades from time to time seems like an easier fix than investing in a whole new system. Ultimately, making the transition to a digital infrastructure is the smarter, long-term investment. When using a dedicated cloud hosting service for your business, hardware replacements and all additional software upgrades are included. Rather than repeatedly sinking money into your on-premise systems, transition to the cloud and get out of the IT business once and for all. 

Why ERP Systems are Essential for Success in 2021 

At this point, you have probably heard about ERP, or Enterprise Resource Systems, but have you really invested thought and time into understanding how they can lower costs, and increase efficiency and profitability within your business? Many business owners believe the myth that ERP systems are only necessary or helpful for large companies.  Not so…these systems make a world of difference for small business owners. Not only does automated business management support the growth of small businesses, but it also has the ability to make a significant impact on profitability through the reduction of hours spent on administrative tasks.  The real benefit, thoughis providing the real-time visibility necessary to manage a growing businessso that you can plan properly and avoid mistakes such as costly supply chain errors.  

How Attivo Can Reduce the Friction 

Falling into the trap of using outdated, inefficient systems is the comfortable way out.  Everyone looks busy, right?  But how many dollars are you leaving on the table every month?  How many customers are buying from a more efficient competitor?  How many employees are burning out or wasting their talent on your inefficient processes?   


There is a better way.  Attivo All-in-One, based on SAP Business One, is designed specifically for the challenges of small manufacturers and distributors, providing effective solutions to all your essential business process management needs. Attivo All-in-One is quick to launch and easy to learn, with live training and unlimited ongoing support to ensure a high internal adoption rate within your team. Attivo All-in-One is tailored to your specific needs and comes as an affordable, fixed monthly subscription with no hidden fees. The only thing more valuable than money is time, and Attivo All-in-One will save you both.   


Our unique Business Transformation as a Service includes a thorough analysis of your business processes to design a standardized and automated business process blueprint founded on best practices.  Once designed and simulated to your satisfaction, it includes data conversion and personalized online learning systems so that you can be fully functional in a matter of weeks using our specially designed, automated implementation process.


Learn more about how Attivo All-in-One can solve your business’s unique challenges and provide personalized education and guidance.