6 Benefits of Attivo ERP for Manufacturing and Distribution

ERP Platform

When running a manufacturing or distribution business, the process of creating new products and distributing them can be difficult in terms of maintaining efficiency. This is due to the need for proper infrastructure, equipment, and trained employees. 
 Attivo ERP, powered by SAP Business One, provides manufacturing and distribution companies with many benefits. An all-in-one ERP will help to increase efficiency and productivity by providing its users with an easy-to-use, affordable planning system. Here’s how.

Improved Efficiency

ERP systems allow for improved efficiency of manufacturing and distribution processes as they optimize inventory management, prepare for customer demand, improve productivity, and automate processes. Implementing Attivo ERP supports supply chain management, which ensures that everything runs efficiently to improve productivity. Attivo provides a system that is streamlined and organized, allowing it to effectively support manufacturing and distribution channels.

Full Service

Implementing Attivo ERP software provides distributors with a full-service solution to address any issues they may face. These issues typically revolve around compliance for regulation, supply chain management, and the ability to focus away on core competencies. Having one comprehensive solution created to solve these issues makes it easier to use and keeps the cost of the system at an affordable price. 


Although Attivo is designed for small businesses, it can scale up to several hundred users. Because the software is cloud-hosted, resources can be added to cloud servers to allow such scalability. If you own a small or medium-sized business and have the desire to expand in the future, scalability is an important factor to consider, as it accommodates growth. 


Attivo is highly configurable to meet the exacting needs of your manufacturing, distribution, or service business. The software is able to be personalized to fit the needs of your business. Attivo can be tailored to solve the needs of businesses within various industries, such as food and beverage, medical device, e-commerce, and metals manufacturing.

Easy to Use

Configuring the software system to match your desired needs is very simple as it is accompanied by an intuitive interface that provides a natural way to transact business, allowing the system to also be easily adopted by team members. The Attivo Academy online learning system trains new users on how to maximize the potential of their new ERP system.  Additional one-on-one training support is also provided by Attivo.


Because Attivo is full service, it is much more cost-effective than other process improvement solutions and is set up as a monthly subscription service with a low, fixed-implementation fee. Additional resources such as cloud hosting services and unlimited telephone technical support are provided and included in the price.  There is no local installation of software required, therefore an onsite IT staff is not required for support of your ERP system.

Improve Your Business Processes with Attivo 

Attivo helps you address the inefficiencies holding your business back from growth and profitability. By implementing this system into your business, you can significantly improve efficiencies and productivity and enable your business for future growth.
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