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The Food and Beverage industry can be complicated and fast-paced, requiring attentive business management and informed decision making in order to succeed. Outlined below are three common challenges of the Food and Beverage industry that manufacturers and distributors face on a daily basis. While many F&B companies grapple with inefficiencies in traceability, visibility, and islands of automation, all of these challenges can be solved with the same streamlined software solution: Attivo All-in-One

A Lack of Traceability Leads to Costly Product Recalls

One of the worst situations a Food and Beverage company can find itself in is a product recall. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, F&B recalls have skyrocketed over 92% since 2012, making it more important than ever for manufacturers and distributors to update and automate their systems for real-time, end-to-end traceability. Many businesses have several systems that track materials and ingredients along the way, but some of these systems take days to register the most recent updates. 

Businesses need a reliable, integrated system with real-time visibility to ensure the highest standards of food quality. Using a comprehensive, integrated ERP system like Attivo All-in-One provides you with detailed real-time reports, making it easy to identify exactly when and where potential issues may arise and stop problems in their tracks. Using this advanced software solution eliminates the potential for human error and saves precious time, which can help prevent illnesses and give peace of mind to business owners while building credibility, trust, and loyalty among consumers.

Limited Visibility Causes Expensive Errors and Missed Deadlines 

Many businesses suffer from inefficient systems that slow down productivity as a result of faulty visibility and limited accessibility. The Food and Beverage industry requires quick and informed decision making, rendering many of these outdated systems useless. Simple slip-ups in traceability and delayed reporting can quickly turn into expensive, harmful mistakes, potentially costing your company its reputation. 

Fortunately, there is a simple solution: a fully integrated and automated system that minimizes the potential for expensive errors and missed deadlines. Attivo All-in-One keeps all essential aspects of your business in check, and assures that business owners always have full, real-time visibility anytime, anywhere. Accessibility is a key feature, as the ability of various team members to quickly and easily access information ensures all deadlines are met and costly mistakes are avoided. 

Business Owners Don’t Have Time to Manage Multiple Systems

Finally, the biggest obstacle that business owners face across the board is time management. Unlike other industries, the Food & Beverage industry often deals with perishable items such as fresh produce or refrigerated or frozen goods. This makes organization a crucial element in eliminating inventory loss and overall, improving the ROI for your business. 

Don’t fall into the trap of using a bookkeeping application such as QuickBooks along with a whole variety of other systems. Attivo All-in-One is designed specifically for the challenges in the food and beverage industry, providing simple solutions to all of your essential business process management needs. Attivo All-in-One is quick to launch and easy to learn, with live training and unlimited ongoing support to ensure a high internal adoption rate among your team. The only thing more valuable than money is time, and Attivo All-in-One will save you both. 

Attivo All-in-One is tailored to your specific needs and comes as an affordable, fixed monthly subscription with no hidden fees. With unlimited, ongoing support, leading-edge security, and personalized online learning systems at no additional cost, Attivo All-in-One can be fully functional in a matter of weeks with a specially designed, automated implementation process. Learn more about how Attivo All-in-One can solve your business’s unique challenges and provide personalized education and guidance: CLICK HERE.