WiSys Webinar on Thursday, December 15th: Reduce Your Macola Transaction Time

ERP system implementation

Looking for ways to save time during your day? A great place to start is order management. We know that the order management process in Macola can be time consuming, so join us this Thursday, December 15th at 1pm for our WiSys webinar and we’ll show you how to streamline order processing to save hundreds of hours!

Click to sign-up for our webinar with WiSys for Thursday, December 15th at 1pm PST.

During the webinar, you’ll learn how-to:

  1. Gain visibility & management in minutes, not hours
  2. Bill & print all invoices with 4 mouse clicks
  3. Fill and adjust backorders based on your rules
  4. Transition your operations to real time rather than lagging behind
  5. Handle more orders in less time!

Plus, learn about NEW pricing from WiSys! We’ll see you there!