Why Your Product Pricing System Isn’t Working 

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Pricing your products should not be a complex process that is difficult to maintain. Product pricing is a process that translates the product value into quantitative terms. Most businesses establish a price before a product release, and despite best efforts, some launches are prone to experience errors. Attivo All-in-One sets your online store up for success by ensuring an optimal customer experience free of errors. The software determines how shoppers will respond, maximizing sales and profitability.

An Error-Prone Approach

If your pricing is not stored in a system, you are running the risk of operating off of manual price sheets. This manual task often leads to errors. As a trusted seller, you’ve likely built a solid relationship with your customers. Price issues and glitches can lead to a bad user experience. More importantly, there is no quicker way to lose your trusted customer base than executing inaccurate manual entry of item price. 

You might be surprised at how common this is for merchants without a good software system put in place. When an item is priced far below its actual market value or sale price, it is obvious that a glitch has occurred. It’s great to discover as a shopper but not so great when you’re the business owner. 

Avoid Customer Complaints 

Customers want instant gratification, and for you, that means pricing at their fingertips.  Lack of reliable pricing information leads to unhappy shoppers and is a leading cause for customer complaints. If you are looking to surpass your competitors, there isn’t room to be making small mistakes that carry such significance. Once you lose trust with your customers, you are allowing other online merchants to gain their trust.

Customer complaints are sourced from the following inefficient approaches:

  1. Price lists kept on multiple spreadsheets
  2. Pricing not stored in a reliable system
  3. Pricing mistakes lead to many credit memos
  4. Manually entered prices lead to errors

The manual approach steals time in quoting, order entry, and more. This is valuable time that you could be putting toward different methods of making your business more profitable. 

Price Your Products Efficiently

A solution is available to you in the form of an advanced software system. Pricing solutions are used by companies to define, manage, and analyze the most beneficial pricing strategies for their products and services.

Attivo All-in-One, powered by SAP Business One, supports complex pricing and deductions management to streamline quoting and ordering. By implementing this advanced ERP software, you can get ahead of competitors and avoid pricing errors. You can expect to see improved customer service, better margins, and reduced time spent fixing errors. Contact our ERP experts today to learn more.