Why Your Business Will Flourish Through Traceability & Recall Management

ERP system implementation

Can you confidently say your business prioritizes the use of batch and serial numbers? If you’re not able to use them in a way that accurately reflects each component that makes up your product line, how can trace your inventory accurately? When it comes to several vendors working together to mass-produce and execute products, recalls are usually avoidable.

Save Yourself the Stress From Product Recalls
As a business owner, if you are still using spreadsheets and paper documents you are using a dated method that allows your competitors to get ahead. Earn credibility by putting the appropriate processes in place that provide real-time data, allowing you to trace a recall issue back to its origin.

Traceability is Key for Effective Communication
If the product has been identified and classified for recall, then you must prepare recall communication and distribute it to the appropriate regulatory agencies, product distribution chain, and consumers. Every business owner dreads recalls as they can cost a company its reputation. To avoid this headache, it is necessary to utilize software that allows you to define where each component of the product line comes from.

Evolve Your Business Through Traceability
Lack of knowledge or the inability to explain can create a public relations disaster for your business.

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