SAP ERP software

While many small businesses first turn to Quickbooks as their primary data management software, there are many limitations to starting with a tool like this. SAP Business One is an effective and affordable alternative that’s easy to use and offers a greater potential to meet your needs now and in the future. Here are 3 reasons why small to midsize manufacturing and distribution businesses should use SAP Business One from day-one:


It’s Ever-Growing

The great thing about SAP Business One is its ability to evolve and grow with your business. It is specifically designed for small and midsize businesses whose needs may change as they expand in size or complexity.  This means that you’ll never need to go through the hassle and inconvenience of transitioning to new software as a result of your business’s success. SAP Business One has the ability to gather all of your business’s information for immediate access and company-wide use. It delivers customizable features that provide what you need to manage your key business areas. It is flexible, modular, powerful and simple to use with a user-friendly interface.


It’s a One-Stop Shop

Unlike accounting packages such as Quickbooks, SAP Business One is an all-encompassing software designed to manage and withstand all of your business’s needs. Its features span from finance management, inventory control, and business process management to CRM, business intelligence, and deployment options. 


While Quickbooks is popular with small businesses, it carries quite a few limitations that may cause problems as that business grows. Those limitations include:


  1. Limited reporting, vague explanation of growth status, and lack of custom reports
  2. Increased chance of double entries, keying errors, and data loss when transferring data between systems
  3. Limited file size, data, and number of users
  4. Lack of customization options
  5. No integration and automation options with other systems


It’s Tailored to Your Business

One of SAP Business One’s greatest benefits is that it can be built around your business and not the other way around. It is a software designed to be uniquely tailored to fit the unique needs of each and every business. No more dealing with generic reports and systems that just don’t fit the way you need them to! SAP Business One is also modular and flexible with over 500 add-on solutions specialized for specific industries or special functions. Here at Attivo, we work closely with you to eliminate any complexity and make sure you have the tools you need to truly optimize your business processes.


Your business is growing and it’s time to choose a software that will seamlessly grow with you. At The Attivo Group, we’re here to help ensure your business is working efficiently so that it can continue to grow. With SAP Business One, you have the flexibility, scalability, and improved functionality you need to do just that. Give us a call today and schedule a complimentary analysis consultation at 877-428-8486 or contact us online.