Enterprise resource management

As 2021 approaches, the new year inspires the opportunity for improvement and a fresh start. For many businesses, this means expanding and upgrading workforces, strategies, and infrastructures. This year in particular has required many business owners to reevaluate the power of a remote workforce and digital infrastructure.

Before COVID-19, many business owners may not have considered that there would be a time when empowering a remote workforce would become absolutely essential. However, after the remote shift, 74% of businesses have stated they plan to permanently shift their work schedules to include more remote flexibility. Equipping a remote workforce with the right tools has never been more important for businesses. If you are currently set up with an on-premise ERP system instead of using cloud hosting, here’s why it’s critical for you to make the switch now to be more successful in the New Year!


Cloud Hosting Doesn’t Require Additional Upgrades and Maintenance

When you are running a successful, growing business, server upgrades can seem never-ending. The average hardware systems require maintenance every 3–5 years with an even more frequent need for pricey software updates. When using a dedicated cloud hosting service for your business, no hardware replacements are required and all additional software upgrades are included. Rather than repeatedly sinking money into your on-premise systems, transition to the cloud and escape the IT business once and for all.

Apart from regular, included updates to keep your system running smoothly and securely, no additional upgrades are necessary to accommodate growth. Cloud hosting offers more affordable scalability for growing businesses than on-premise systems. Through a combination of hardware reconfiguration and load balancing, the size and functionality of your system can be adjusted as needed without purchasing and implementing additional equipment. That means your business will always be optimized for success with virtually zero downtime.


Cloud Hosting Has a High ROI

Understandably, it’s important for business owners to consider the financial aspects when making an investment in their company-wide infrastructure. While some people may worry that transitioning to the cloud will be out of their price range, in reality, cloud hosting is offered at an affordable rate that, in the long run, drives a higher ROI than traditional on-premise servers.

After transitioning to a cloud-based system, business owners save money that would otherwise go to pricey hardware, backup equipment, installation, maintenance, and support. Especially at the fresh start of a new year, it’s crucial to make informed financial decisions that will benefit your business long term. Rather than continually losing money on the upkeep of inefficient on-premise servers, business owners should invest in the smarter choice for data storage that allows them to stop wasting time and money on upgrades and refocus on achieving their business vision.


Cloud Hosting Includes Industry-Leading Security Beyond What You Can Provide On-Premise


The highest priority of every business owner should be protecting the trust of their customers, which makes top-of-the-line data security crucial for success. While some people tend to mistrust technology, in reality, the security provided by the cloud goes far beyond what the average SMB is able to provide for themselves through on-site facilities.

Unfortunately, most small businesses don’t have the budget to enforce adequate, round-the-clock security for on-premise servers, leaving their data vulnerable to a breach. Cloud hosting, however, protects data using extremely high security standards that ensure information is protected 24/7. In fact, security standards for cloud hosting can be compared to industries like medicine and finance due to the requirement for highly regulated data centers to meet strict security protocols.


Cloud Hosting Allows Your IT Team to Focus on Revenue-Generating Activities

In 2021, business owners need to harness the power of cloud hosting to optimize productivity and efficiency within their teams. Embracing this technology will allow IT specialists to focus their efforts on strategic and cost-saving projects, rather than wasting their time and skill troubleshooting and maintaining outdated on-premise servers.

While cloud hosting streamlines many manual processes, your IT team will still be an integral part of your business. However, instead of spending the majority of their time on the maintenance of server and infrastructure equipment, IT workers will be able to shift their focus to revenue-generating projects. This means that by implementing cloud hosting for your business, you can not only increase efficiency and security, but also continue to support your hard-working team, all while increasing overall ROI.


Essential Business Software Improvements in 2021

As the new year approaches, businesses are provided with the perfect opportunity to replace or upgrade their data storage systems and begin the transition to a digital infrastructure. Combined with the significant shift to a remote workforce, there is no better time for businesses to make the transition to digital systems with higher security and ROI while minimizing the need for upgrades and maintenance.

If you’re tired of using outdated systems and the extensive costs of managing on-premise servers, transitioning to the cloud may be for you. Try our free ROI Calculator to see how much you could be saving. Through the Attivo Dedicated Cloud, we have helped clients regain control of their companies through world-class business management systems while significantly reducing costs. If you have questions about cloud hosting and how Attivo can help effectively transition your business, CLICK HERE or give us a call at 877-428-8486.