What you need to know about the discontinuation of QuickBooks Desktop

Taking Notes

What you need to know about QuickBooks Desktop discontinuing and some alternative options for you and your business.

QuickBooks has made the decision to discontinue QuickBooks Desktop for their customers. QuickBooks has advised that the discontinuation is due to the Desktop platform increasing the risk of customers using out-of-date and non-compliant software and missing important updates. 

This is one of the many reasons why moving to a Cloud Hosted system has never been so important. Now is a good time to consider alternative business software options.

If you’re a growing business in need of a finance and business solution that will: 

  1. Scale with your business as it grows 
  2. Finally achieve inventory control and automate planning and procurement. 
  3. Integrate with other business software 
  4. Provide detailed management reporting and visibility. 

It’s time to start discussing your options. Some users are migrating to QuickBooks Online. But is QuickBooks Desktop the best decision for your business?  There are several affordable solutions to help automate and control every business process of your business. 

There are so many reasons why business owners should take this opportunity to assess and evaluate their current business software requirements. Here’s why so many business owners and CEOs are making the switch to alternate business software.  

One software to manage your business 

Businesses can now manage their business processes and data completely in The Cloud. From accounting to CRM, small business ERP solutions are becoming increasingly popular and are helping SMEs manage their time and businesses better. 

Attivo provides several affordable ERP software solutions powered by the leading ERP developers that provide the applications you need to improve your business operations and efficiencies.  Adopting an ERP system results in reducing manufacturing lead-time, enhancing inventory accuracy, and streamlining customer service. 

Cloud-based ERPs streamline and automate workflows, save labor and IT costs, speed the financial close, and provide full visibility into your business processes.  No matter what challenges you face in inventory management, supply chain, sales management, accounting, or quality assurance, Attivo works with the best business management software solutions on the market today for small manufacturing, distribution, eCommerce, and service industries.  

It’s critical to consider the direct impact of implementing new software 

The ideal ERP software should be user-friendly enough to be implemented company-wide and employ an uncomplicated, intuitive, and powerful system that the team can utilize to maximize business efficiencies.  

The most important factors to understand before implementing an ERP system are cost, time, and how well a system addresses the specific pains and challenges your business is facing. Our team of consultants have been helping business owners solve these problems for the past 30 years and can help you as well.  

We’re happy to help you explore your options.  

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