ERP enterprise resource planning software

A Cloud ERP solution is hosted on an outside cloud computing infrastructure, eliminating the need for dated on-premise servers. Your software is located in a highly secure data center that is comprised of several network safeguards to protect sensitive business data. Companies that take advantage of cloud hosting benefit from its reduced costs, improved productivity, operational efficiencies, and significant time savings. Here are a few reasons why cloud hosting is a highly cost-effective solution:

  • Regardless of the type of business or size, shifting to cloud hosting can drastically reduce costs by removing the need for dedicated server equipment, infrastructure, and software systems for backup and other server operations.
  • Cloud hosting gives you the ability to access additional processing power over the Internet as opposed to using additional on-site servers, which typically requires adding additional hardware, software, licensing fees, etc.
  • One essential benefit to cloud hosting is that the contract with most providers includes the costs of routine upgrades, new hardware, and new operating systems.
  • Since cloud hosting is similar to a utility, you only pay for what you’ve used when you needed it. You effectively pay for the service that is actually delivered instead of paying for the ability to do the work through fixed, on-site expenses.
  • Cloud ERP solutions don’t require hefty upfront costs. Regular monthly payments are made as ongoing operating expenses. Maintenance and support services are included, which remove the need for an additional service contract.

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