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If you’re a business owner, you may have heard the term “cloud hosting” being thrown around every now and then. For years, like thousands of Americans, you’ve probably been relying on keeping your digital systems in-house, likely occupying a supply closet or the backroom of your business. You know the scene: tangles of wires, heavy equipment, the low humming of cooling fans filling the air. Traditionally, this was the only option for anyone who wanted to securely store and access software and data. 

Data management has made significant progress since the introduction of the once-revolutionary, now antiquated on-premise system. The most agile organizations today are making the shift to cloud hosting as a natural next step on their IT priority list. But what exactly does that transition mean? If you’re like most veteran business owners, you’ll want to do some research before adopting new technology and we can help.


Here is what you need to know about cloud hosting: 

What Is Cloud Hosting?

In the simplest terms, “cloud hosting” means your software and data are stored in a secure data center but can be easily and accessed by your business from any location. When hosting your system in the cloud, a secure data partner manages the heavy lifting, which frees you from constantly maintaining and troubleshooting your own in-house servers. Cloud hosting can be used for operations like running or developing software systems, storing data, managing eCommerce, or enabling remote-accessible desktop work environments. 


Basically, it is a modern approach to network infrastructure that relies on sophisticated servers run off-site instead of putting all of your eggs in one basket with an on-premise server of your own. 


How Does Cloud Hosting Work?

Cloud hosting gives businesses infinitely expandable server space when in the past, they would have been constrained by the number of servers they could afford to install, maintain, update, and house on-site. Cloud hosting data centers, like, are massive warehouses full of servers. Any time a cloud hosting customer needs more space to grow, the real estate is just a click away. 


But it goes much further than simple data storage. As mentioned earlier, you can maintain whole software suites through cloud hosting. For manufacturers and distributors, this means critical software like ERP systems are now accessible from anywhere in the world. This benefit is only becoming more important as demands for a remote workforce continue to grow. Through rain, shine, and yes, even COVID lockdowns, your most important operations will still be able to operate as usual with cloud hosting. 


Why Cloud Hosting Is Safe


So now you have a better understanding of what cloud hosting is and how it works. But, is it safe? With Attivo, the answer is a resounding “Yes.” Typical on-premise servers require many additional services and greater expenses to keep them secure. First, business owners need to protect their servers from digital security threats such as viruses and cybercriminals. Second, there is the very real risk of in-person compromise from break-ins or employee theft. Third, natural disasters, inexplicable crashes and other system failures put your business at risk of losing all digital assets. Properly protecting your data involves buying expensive antivirus licenses, implementing physical security, hiring IT personnel, establishing recovery systems off-site, and regularly updating hardware that’s reached “end of life.” 


Cloud hosting eliminates all of those pain points. Our data centers are heavily protected both on-premise and virtually using the highest standards of security. We provide peace of mind that’s too expensive for the average business to achieve at its own location. When partnering with Attivo, you can rest assured that not only are you getting the best technology for your data management needs but that you’re also getting the best security money can buy. The best part? Our services easily reduce or eliminate your IT costs and overall spend. It’s a win-win.


If you’re tired of using outdated systems and the extensive costs of managing on-premise servers, transitioning to the cloud may be for you. Through the Attivo Dedicated Cloud, we have helped clients regain control of their company’s through world-class business management systems and significantly reduce costs. Click here to learn more about hosting ERP systems like Macola in the cloud.


If you have questions about cloud hosting and how the Attivo Group can help effectively transition your business give us a call at 877-428-8486.