Upgrade Macola, Fix the Processes, or Do Nothing?

ERP Platform

Let’s face it – it’s never easy to come to terms that your beloved Macola system may be stuck in time, and not operating efficiently for your business. It’s like going to the doctor and hearing that you are overweight and borderline diabetic, and the only solution is better diet and exercise.

Why not get a second opinion? A Business Process Assessment (BPA) will identify inefficient processes, so that you will know what process changes and what software solutions should be implemented to guarantee your company’s success.

Used Macola for a long time? Frustrated? Uncertain about that upgrade? Do you know if your Macola systems and processes are costing the business way more than they should in lost profits? You’ve probably felt pressure to upgrade to the latest version, which can be very costly. At the last Macola Evolve conference, several presentations were made by customers who had recently upgraded. They advised that a thorough BPA is critical to identifying how and where these new tools can be leveraged. Your goal is ROI, not automating bad processes with the latest software!

But an upgrade is NOT always the right answer. Several of our largest and most efficient clients are running on older versions of Macola. Their BPA showed that a software upgrade wasn’t the best way to improve the bottom line, and other process improvements and software solutions would serve them far greater for less investment and disruption.

Without an assessment done by a true process expert AND Macola expert, you won’t know the real size of the problem, or the value of any improvement, which makes a business decision like this very difficult. Our Business Process Assessment is a proven method to help identify inefficiency, provide process improvement and system recommendations, and develop a roadmap for implementation.

Others may charge in excess of $15,000 for an assessment like this, but until 11/30/17, our price is a flat fee of $2,500, including travel expenses within the US. This typically requires two days on site with you, plus some inputs to our online BPA questionnaire from you in advance of our visit.

Now is the time to get your business in shape. Click here or look below to watch a short video on how the process works, and then contact us so we can get this scheduled!