Unlocking Sales and Marketing Insights with Synergy CRM

Small business financial management

It’s surprising how many times we talk to clients and prospects looking to install a CRM system like Salesforce and are looking for help integrating it into their Macola ERP system. Synergy CRM is one of the best kept secrets in the Macola universe and it shouldn’t be. It is an extremely powerful CRM system with native integration into Exact Macola 10. In the video below, we are going to talk about opportunity management. The ability to have a real-time view of your entire sales funnel can be invaluable to an organization. The following video

 will show you how with Synergy CRM, you can:

  • Automate the Sales Process – Customize your sales funnel to follow your sales process. Once an opportunity is assigned to a rep, a workflow is created. Sales people can move the opportunity through the funnel, set deadlines and receive alerts to make sure that opportunities don’t slip through the cracks.
  • Have a Visual Representation of your Sales Funnel – As each opportunity is entered into Synergy, sales managers can view the entire sales funnel. You can drill into the funnel based on each stage of your sales process. View the entire company’s funnel or select individual sales reps to evaluate performance
  • Gain Accurate Cash Flow Projections – Have your sales reps input the expected percentage an opportunity will close. Or assign percentages at each stage of the sales process. As opportunities move through the funnel you can view the total projected revenue as well as the expected amount that will close. This gives insight into your projected sales and cashflow.
  • Track Marketing ROI – Knowing which marketing campaigns drive the most opportunities and closed business allows you to make informed decisions as to which programs to invest more budget into and which ones to move on from. Lead sources can be attached to opportunities and can then be tracked from a single dashboard, providing accurate ROI from your various marketing campaigns.

This is just one of the many powerful tools that can be found in Synergy CRM. Be sure to watch this video and all of the other videos in the series to unlock the true power of Synergy.