ERP system implementation

The transition to the cloud can mean a few different things depending on your business’s current ERP situation. If you have an existing ERP system hosted on-site, transitioning to the cloud means relocating that software to a data center and accessing it remotely. If you are implementing a new system, cloud hosting may be optional or required. Here’s what you need to know about each scenario.

How Do I Transition My ERP System from On-Premise to Cloud Hosted?

We’ve made this as easy as possible for you.  Once you’ve answered a few questions about the number of users, applications to be hosted, etc., we can give you a quote for monthly cloud hosting, and review all of the help desk services, ongoing maintenance and other tasks that are included with the service. The Attivo Dedicated Cloud is priced per user. If you increase or reduce the number of users in any period, the monthly billing is adjusted up or down accordingly. There is also a small one-time fee to provision the servers and set up the user logins.

Once an agreement is in place, it generally takes 2-3 days to get the cloud servers ready for you. The applications can then be installed, a copy of your data can be uploaded to the cloud, and a user acceptance test can be completed. Your system is accessed from a web browser where the user enters their login credentials to reach a complete desktop. The user acceptance test verifies that the users can access the applications, that all required printing is working correctly, and that the system is functioning properly. Once the user acceptance test is passed, a final version of your database can be uploaded and you can finally “turn off” your old server.

What if I Have a New System? 

New systems access the cloud through the same browser application discussed above.

Moving from on-premise to the cloud requires more testing to ensure the transition does not interfere with current operations.

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Hosting?

There are some very big advantages to cloud hosting. 

  • First, your entire ERP system along with all the necessary integrating solutions can be available anywhere at any time. 
  • Cloud hosting has been proven time and again to save you money.  If you would like, we’ll send you an Excel-based ROI Calculator so you can prove it for yourself.
  • The security practices and protections utilized by Attivo at our world-class data center brings a level of security to your data and system that is simply out of reach for on-site systems.
  • Most importantly, it gets you out of the IT business and puts the responsibility for all server care, feeding, and backup management on a well-staffed, highly dedicated and experienced cloud hosting provider.


If you’re tired of using outdated systems and the extensive costs of managing an on-premise system, transitioning to the cloud may be for you. At Attivo, we’ve spent decades tailoring solutions to ensure your business’s success. With our 24/7 help desk support, we can ensure your system is always available and all applications are configured and updated properly on your cloud servers for optimal performance. Learn how much you can save by switching to the cloud today. Give us a call and schedule a complimentary analysis and consultation at 877-428-8486 or contact us online.