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In the digital age, cloud hosting is a popular choice for many businesses because it provides an extremely secure and streamlined approach to data storage. Instead of storing all your business’s data on a single machine, cloud hosting stores your data on servers at a high-availability data center environment, and is therefore accessible anytime, anywhere. While there are many clear advantages, like reliability, scalability, and versatility, there are also several common myths and misconceptions that may be holding business owners back from making the transition to the cloud. We’re debunking these myths and exploring the truths behind why cloud hosting is right for businesses that want the most secure and accessible data storage option.

Cloud Hosting Is Less Secure than On-Premise Data Storage

One of the most common misconceptions about cloud hosting is that it is less secure than on-site facilities. In fact, this could not be further from the truth. Similar to highly regulated industries like medicine and finance, data centers used by the cloud are required to meet extremely strict security standards. While some people tend to have a mistrust of technology, in all actuality, the security provided by the cloud goes far beyond what the average SMB is able to provide for themselves through on-site facilities.

Transitioning to the Cloud Will Put People Out of Work

Many people believe that transitioning to a digital infrastructure goes hand in hand with eliminating team members and putting those employees out of a job. While cloud hosting streamlines many manual processes, your IT team will still be an integral part of your business. However, instead of spending the majority of their time on maintenance of server and infrastructure equipment, IT workers will be able to shift their focus on revenue-generating projects. This means that by implementing cloud hosting at your business, you can not only increase efficiency and security, but also continue to support your hard-working team, all while increasing overall ROI.

All Cloud Solutions Are the Same

While cloud hosting solutions may appear very similar from an outside perspective, in reality, there are many offerings with key differences. Understanding the advantages and differentiating factors is crucial to finding the right solution for your business. Working with a cloud hosting partner that understands your applications and the resources required to run them properly is crucial when it comes to keeping your applications running smoothly. It is imperative that you consult with experts to ensure you’re signing up for a program that will support your unique business needs without having to pay for unnecessary bells and whistles.

Learn More about Cloud Hosting from the Experts

Transitioning to the cloud is a very important move for an organization. It is crucial to understand the right solutions, timing, and exactly how to migrate your data into the cloud for a seamless transition. For help in determining whether cloud hosting is right for your business, reach out to the Attivo team at 877-428-8486 or contact us here.