The Benefits of Cash Management and Accounting with ERP

financial resource management

Are you a business owner or controller guilty of having a separate checkbook to keep track of information that should be accurately imputed into your financial system? Are you hampered by a lack of accurate information, including the collection, handling, and usage of funds?

Visibility into cash flow of the organization, including transparent, on-demand access to your financial resources and accurate accounting is imperative. Let’s face it, cash flow is the lifeblood of your operation, impacting nearly every business decision you make. As a company, you are completely lost without the proper integrations or syncing of every aspect of income and financial output.

Real-Time Cash Balance Visibility

Attivo All-in-One makes accounting with ERP easy; tracking incoming cash transactions, bank transactions, and all of your accounts payable and receivable. You are missing out if you are still using excel grids or QuickBooks that are manually updated, rather than updated in real-time and accessible in the cloud.

Accounting with ERP streamlines your financial visibility, providing access to key members of your team. Attivo’s All-in-One ERP platform removes the blinders giving your team the insight and the ability to effectively manage your financial resources. Learn more about the control you gain when you manage your accounting with ERP. (click here)

Forecast Cash Flow

The ability to perform cash forecasting across multiple departments of your business is another benefit of ERP. With Attivo All-in-One, forecasting future liquidity or running due dates for cash beyond operations is seamless. Attivo All-in-One can help your team make agile financial decisions with our automated platform.

Process Credit and Process ACH Accounts Payable

Your finance department can’t forecast or wouldn’t need real-time visibility without a consistent flow of transactions bringing revenue into the business. Organizing and processing the credit card and ACH payments from your invoices is a great benefit of accounting with ERP.

Attivo All-in-One manages your accounts receivable transactions by directly processing both credit card and ACH payments. This front-facing processing alternative is smoothly executed and convenient. It can reduce the number of credit card transactions and eliminate fees while enabling you to get cash into your account faster.

We know your needs vary, and Attivo All-in-One is customizable to meet those needs. Click here to learn more about how Attivo All-in-One can streamline and simplify your accounting.