Synergy CRM Video Series: Creating Quotes and Orders, Step-by-Step

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Synergy CRM Video Series: Creating Quotes and Orders, Step by Step

Synergy is unlike any regular CRM system. Usually, when people consider CRM, they think of just sales management: storing customer data, the sales funnel, and a phone queue. Synergy CRM is fully integrated with Exact Macola 10 ERP, allowing for seamless integration of customer data into one database. Your clients, business partners, employees and vendors are automatically associated to one another and to all relevant and important business transactions. The integration also allows you to monitor, understand, manage and maximize sales performance, as well as leverage customer information into long-term customer loyalty and retention – anytime and anywhere from your web browser or mobile device.

One such function that is often used within Synergy CRM is the Quoting and Ordering process. Robert Clarke, one of our Senior Consultants, walks you through this process in the video below:

Synergy CRM – an affordable option

Did you know that Synergy CRM can be a stand-alone system? It’s one of the most affordable CRM systems out there and can be used in sales, quality management, and other ‘mission-critical’ business processes that manufacturers and distributors need. Contact us for a free initial analysis to see if Synergy CRM is a good option for your business.

Narration of the Synergy CRM Quotes and Orders Video How-to:

To Start, pull up a customer’s Account. On the Account Card you will see “EM Orders Section”. Once opened, it will show the historical orders, posted orders, credit memos giving all the data needed. Here you will create Quotes. Click the “Quote” button. Next, you will be taken to a “Line Item” screen where you will select the line items you need for the Account. You can identify the Line Items (available through Synergy) that are allowable to either Quote or put in an Order, which is done through the “Interconnect” Module. Select the Quote amount you would like, click “Save” or “Add New Line Item” to continue.

To Print the Quote, click “Printable” button at the top left when in the Quote Page. This gives you the option to save as pdf, and send to your local printer.

Repeat this process to add new Quotes

The Process of a Quote into an Order

To make a “Quote” into an “Order”, you need to select you need to select the “Quote” and then click “Promote” button at the top left. If you lost an Order, go into the Account that has the Order, select the Order lost and click the “Lost Sale” button. Once in “Lost Sale”, enter the code and details as to why it was lost, and finish by clicking “Lost Sale”, and will automatically direct you out of that order.

Creation of an Order

In the customer card select “EM Orders” and click “New Order”. This process is exactly the same as creating a quote but now it is an Order.

Navigating through Interconnect to Create Homepage Direct Links

To create Home Page links, Click “Modules” then “Interconnect”, and make sure you are in the “reports” section where you will select “Orders/Sales Reports”. You can favorite this page to your Homepage by selecting the star at the top right. Here you will focus on “Open Orders” & “Open Quotes”, and “Advanced Order Search”.

For a direct link on your homepage in Synergy that creates new blank “Quotes” and “Orders”, follow the steps from before (Modules- Interconnect) select “Open Orders” showing all open orders in your system. Here there will be a “New Quote” and “New Order” button at the top. Once you click “New Quote” there will be no account filled in and everything blank. To add to home screen you will check “favorites” button at the top right (star symbol). You will save it under the category you want & name it New Quote.

To do the same for an “Order”, you will repeat the same steps then select “New Order”, and save it the exact same way you did before.

To Add “Advanced Order Search” to find your orders or quotes that are lost. You click “Oder/Sales reports” on your home screen if you saved it or follow the steps before if you did not save “New Quote” to your homepage and stop at the “Reports: Exact Macola” page. Here you will see “Advanced order Search” listed under Search and once you click into it, it will show every option to drill down a search for an order. This can be saved the same by clicking favorites and saving to your homepage under the same category you did with the “New Quotes” and “Orders”.