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Maximize Your Business Opportunities with Attivo’s Strategic Partner Program

About the Attivo Strategic Partner Program

Small and growing businesses often lack the time, knowledge, and manpower necessary to implement the technology solutions they need to streamline operations and facilitate growth. Our comprehensive ERP software solution, Attivo All-in-One, is offered at an affordable subscription-based rate and includes hands-on implementation assistance that neutralizes the many obstacles standing between small businesses and their goals.

You bring immense value as an internal leader, providing the expertise your clients need to succeed. Since technology plays a critical role in that, we can leverage one another’s strengths to the transformative benefit of your client. Are you a consultant, fractional CXO, CPA, or bookkeeping firm with a customer success mindset?

If so, together, we can equip your clients with a technology solution that reduces costs and increases profits.

Why Become A Strategic Partner?


Expand the trust and value of your relationship with your client by presenting a highly beneficial software solution.


Collaborate in a substantial implementation engagement with your client (typically 50-80 hours) working alongside Attivo’s expert senior consultants.


Play a critical role in ongoing continuous improvement projects, as more process improvement initiatives can involve you in the same way as the original project.


Leverage Attivo’s 6,000+ nationwide professional network as a ProVisors member to receive cross-referral opportunities for new engagements.


Maximize a substantial, recurring revenue stream.


Experience skill growth and learning opportunities in technology.

You the flexibility for as little or as much involvement as you desire; you can expand your role as your client’s expert for automation and efficiency.

What Problems Does Attivo All-in-One Solve for Your Client?


Affordable subscription with a low, fixed implementation fee to enable growth and profitability.

Learning Curve

Personalized online learning systems and live training to help teams get up to speed quickly.


Private cloud hosting ensures the highest level of data privacy and IP security.


Designed for growth, taking you from as few as 2 users to 200 users.

Implementation Done for You

A highly automated implementation process.


Configurable to your client’s unique needs.

Here’s How It Works!

Let’s have a brief call to see if we’re a good fit. This is a two-way referral program where you can refer your clients to the Attivo solution and be part of the implementation process, and where Attivo can bring you into new business opportunities from our direct business to business marketing.

Who Our Strategic Partners Are:

Our program seeks out mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with professionals that share our values: a passion for the success of our clients.

  • Fractional CFOs or COOs with clients in need of better systems to support growth and profitability.
  • CPA firms that provide CFO advisory services, business consulting, or bookkeeping services.
  • Bookkeeping firms with certain clients that need more than just QuickBooks.
  • Consulting firms that provide process improvement.
  • Cost reduction consultants.

Attivo All-in-One: ERP Done for You

What is Attivo All-in-One?

Attivo All-in-One is a comprehensive software solution founded on SAP Business One that is specifically designed to target the needs of small and growing businesses currently limited by entry-level accounting systems, manual, error-prone reporting, and islands of automation. This cloud-hosted solution is offered as an affordable monthly subscription with a low, fixed implementation fee that can be implemented in weeks, not months.

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