The Oil and Gas industry presents some very unique challenges. One of the challenges faced by the industry is ensuring its operations are safe for employees and neighboring communities with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.  This includes even minute details like preventing weeds from growing within the area surrounding a well. Keeping oil and gas infrastructure free from vegetation ensures employees and contractors can safely access equipment, reduces fire risk, and prevents weeds that might grow near a well from spreading seeds into the adjacent commercial agriculture community.

Our Client – OneCor Services 

Vegetation Management is a major service that OneCor Services of Williston, North Dakota provides to the owners and operators of oil and gas infrastructure throughout North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Oklahoma. 

The Problem

Previously, OneCor tracked all the details of their service using paper records and Excel. As a result the same or similar data was often entered 4 to 5 times between the field ticket, invoice, ERP, EDI, and work log. This was extremely time-consuming from a scheduling and billing perspective. Since the company was growing rapidly, management was forced to either hire more people to manually track these details or find an automated solution to do it for them. 

Our Solution

The key to solving the problem was eliminating all of the paper tickets that were being hand-written in the field. These tickets had to be submitted promptly, reviewed and converted into an Excel invoice, and then translated to a billing system. We helped OneCor create a database of information for the wells, the customers, and the unique billing instructions associated with each well. This was handled with Synergy Enterprise, which was hosted in the Attivo Dedicated Cloud.

Next, we developed a mobile application allowing field technicians to identify the wells needing treatment, record necessary information as the service was being performed, and submit the data for billing. This application eliminated the need for paper tickets and the risk of errors associated with manual data processing. The majority of wells are located in remote areas with no Wi-Fi and minimal Cellular service.  The app needed to capture data and store it locally until a connection could be made to synchronize the information with cloud servers.

Once the field devices have been synchronized, the data can be reviewed and approved for billing before the technicians have returned from the field. Field transactions are now processed much more quickly and accurately through the highly automated and fully integrated Macola 10 system and can be submitted through client EDI portals with minimal additional effort. As a result, OneCor is invoicing clients far faster, significantly reducing working capital, and freeing substantial time for their staff to focus on more important tasks.


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