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At Attivo, our passion is helping businesses better streamline their processes. For example, Attivo All-in-One, powered by SAP Business One is our single solution that offers a complete and clear overview of every aspect of your business operations. It automates your critical business processes and integrates all your company’s information to drive efficiency and smart business decisions.

Exact Synergy and SAP Business One 

Exact Synergy Enterprise is a browser-based system that supports complex Workflow, Document, Asset and Item Management, Human Resources, and CRM.  Attivo All-in-One extends the power of SAP Business one with the integration of Exact Synergy using the Exact RPA integration module. 
Attivo All-in-One with Exact Synergy includes built-in features for comprehensive quality management, plant maintenance, and new product development. These business functions use many of the functions of Synergy workflow management, document management, human resources, asset management, and item management, all of which is fully integrated with the SAP Business One system. We’ve also made this process completely seamless; the end-user has access to either Synergy or SAP Business One and can open screens from either system.

Below, we explore the benefits of Exact RPA and how its integration with SAP Business One can improve your organization’s processes. 

The Benefits of Exact RPA 

Exact RPA can benefit businesses in a wide variety of industries – finance, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, service management and more. From simplifying repetitive, time-consuming operations to having direct access to your most important data, Exact RPA has countless advantages relating to insight, integration, and automation. 

Link Exact Synergy to Your Business Software

Exact RPA provides the ability to integrate Exact Synergy with various other business-critical software, as well as your ERP system such as SAP Business One. This opens access to data from other programs so that it’s available in your Synergy environment. 

Save Time with Automation

Exact RPA’s automated processes work to give you your valuable time back. Synergy has a powerful business process automation utility, which allows you to direct your attention to other tasks that can help your business grow. 

Reduce the Risk of Errors

Manual data entry leaves a great amount of room for error, which can ultimately be costly for your business. With Exact RPA, the integration of other software eliminates the issue of human error. 

Save Money

The old saying “time is money” is a huge factor in business operations. Exact RPA’s ability to share essential information and automate processes creates more possibilities for your colleagues in a single system. 

Is your manufacturing or distribution business looking for the best business management software tools?   

At Attivo, we understand the challenges small businesses face in the supply chain, sales management, production, accounting, and quality assurance because our team has lived them. Seeing the many shortcomings of typical process improvement business software, Attivo specifically designed our comprehensive new solution, Attivo All-in-One powered by SAP Business One, to streamline operations for businesses like yours. Attivo All-in-One can be configured to your unique needs and includes cloud hosting, a comprehensive built-in CRM, eCommerce integration, integrated manufacturing planning systems, unlimited technical support, and much more! Click HERE to learn how Attivo can help you on your journey to a complete digital transformation.