Macola in the Attivo Cloud

The time has come for more security, scalability, and savings

Thousands of organizations in more than 40 countries rely on Progression, Macola ES, and Macola 10 to manage their data and remain agile and competitive. Increasingly these leading manufacturers and distributors are running their entire ERP infrastructure and other IT assets in the cloud. Although many of our clients have been enjoying Attivo’s customized Macola Cloud Hosting for years, others were prompted to make the move due to the changing business landscape triggered by the pandemic. 

In addition to having the peace of mind of managed updates and expert maintenance for their Macola instance, there are several other compelling reasons to consider taking advantage of. 


With ransomware, phishing and malware attacks in the news on a daily basis, it has become challenging, expensive, and resource-intensive for organizations to protect their networks and data assets. Attivo hosts all of our clients in a world-class Tier 4 data center with 99.995% availability (guaranteed uptime). Cloud Hosting featuring the highest degree of fault-tolerant infrastructure and maximum redundancy possible assures maximum uptime, security, and data integrity. 

Scalability and Performance  

As your business grows, increasing your local based hardware is expensive and requires significant advance planning, since supply chain interruptions wreak havoc with chipset availability. Our hosting solutions provide instantaneous scalability, making it possible to add processing power and additional storage at any time. Standard hosting accounts feature best-in-class servers, Solid State Hard Drives (SSD), and high availability Internet backbone connectivity.  Even the most unexpected spike in traffic or data activity is handled automatically, avoiding outages and other service interruptions. 

Automatic Data Backup and Updates 

As all of our hosting is only offered on a 24/7365 manage service basis, your data backup worries are over with Attivo Cloud Hosting. As the preferred hosting partner to ECI Software Solutions, we have immediate access to software upgrades, patches, and new and existing integration code for Macola add-ons and plug-ins.  

Cost Savings 

The experience we’ve acquired transitioning a large percentage of Macola customers to the cloud has provided us the capability of forecasting in advance the economic advantages you’ll experience with Macola Cloud Hosting. Regardless of the size of your workforce, number of locations, or current IT footprint, our engineers will architect a hosting solution tailored to your specific needs.  

You can count on Macola Cloud Hosting to serve your needs today and far into the future, regardless of emerging new technology or how your business model evolves. Attivo has over a decade of experience with Macola, and making the switch from the IT closet to the cloud painless and predictable. We also have deep domain experience hosting and providing managed services for popular add-on solutions which include WiSys, Pulse, Lynq, F9 and many others.