Macola 10: Word Merge for Easy Marketing, Contracts, and More – Video Tutorial

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Perhaps you’ve needed to send out 100 letters, or a quick email update to all your clients, but don’t want to copy/paste 100 times – or worse, handwrite it all!

Not to worry. The new Word Merge feature in Macola 10 is intuitive and easy to use, unlike their old version which reminded some users as a ransom-note generator. In the old merge feature the fonts were all off and the usability was cumbersome and clunky. The big difference came from utilizing tools businesses use almost every day: Microsoft Office. The old system required you to use the built-in editor, while the new Mail Merge uses Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office for editing and publishing.

Robert Clarke, our Attivo Senior Software Consultant, will walk you through the how-to during this 18 minute video.

Before you start your Word Merge

The Macola 10 ERP software does not have Word Merge pre-installed, though there is no cost for the software. It takes a couple of hours to configure it for use, so please contact your ERP software consultant if you would like to use this feature. If you are currently using Word Merge from previous versions, please note that the previous templates you created will need to be converted before you install the new version. Once you check the box for the new “Word Merge” in Macola 10, there’s no going back to the old templates so be sure to plan ahead.

Document Management and Word Merge

Once you have Word Merge installed, it’s easy to edit and use document templates within the Word Merge functionality. Simply open the document, click to edit in Word, and it will automatically open up in Microsoft Word. To add tags that will merge information from Macola Synergy to your document, click on “Developer” tab within the menu ribbon, then click “XML Mapping” to open the different tags that you can use to map the document.

For full how-to, watch the helpful video below, and let us know if you need support in building out the Word Merge function of Macola 10.