Macola 10 Video How-to: Import Contacts into Synergy CRM

Customer relationship management software

Opportunity is Knocking with a Simple Import into Synergy CRM

You got back from a Tradeshow or Networking Event and spent a lot of time meeting people, exchanging and gathering information. Now comes the time to enter your newly received contacts into your CRM system, but there are about 300 – 1,000 contacts. Entering one by one will probably take you close to the end of time. Yet, leaving them on paper or in a file somewhere will only cause you to lose the possible leads. Exact Macola 10 has solved this issue by providing the option to upload your new contacts with an Excel spreadsheet and utilizing Synergy CRM’s Account Import Wizard.

Synergy CRM’s Account Import Wizard: Easy to Follow and Easy to Use

Once in Synergy, you will simply create a project about the event where you will be importing those contacts into. Your spreadsheet should contain basic information like first and last name, address, city, state, zip, etc. You can also add more fields like Tradeshow, Account Managers, sectors, subsectors, contact dates, and other notes on the spreadsheet to upload to Synergy.

Once your spreadsheet is ready for upload you will go to “Create” and click “Customer”. There you will see a heading labeled “Entry”, and within its subheading you will choose “Account Import Wizard”. By doing this, you will start the easy to follow steps that sets up your import.

Robert Clarke, our Attivo Senior Software Consultant, will walk you through the simple how-to during this 18 minute video below on Importing Contacts into Macola 10’s Synergy CRM.