small business management software

Small businesses in need of simple and user-friendly digital accounting systems often turn to well-known software systems like QuickBooks. What many of these businesses don’t know is that unfortunately, as your business grows, QuickBooks’ capabilities do not scale up accordingly, creating immense frustration, interruptions, and inefficiencies in your workflow.
How does QuickBooks fall short? And how can business owners find a solution that easily meets all of their needs?

QuickBooks Doesn’t Grow with Your Business

Watching your business grow is something to be proud of. Success shouldn’t cause additional problems when it comes to your business management system. Unfortunately, with systems like QuickBooks, scaling up can create inefficiencies and require pricey solutions to get things running smoothly again. 
Businesses need a software solution that will flourish alongside them, free of roadblocks and expensive add-ons. Attivo All-in-One comes at a fixed, monthly price that doesn’t change as your business grows. Attivo built this software solution to help companies achieve their business vision, meaning the software is designed to enable your growth and success.

QuickBooks Has a Steep Learning Curve

One of the most important aspects to consider when buying new software is the internal adoption rate within your company. How long will it take your team to adjust to the new changes and how easy is it to get help through customer support if problems arise? 
Adopting new accounting software can be difficult whether you have experience in digital accounting or not. QuickBooks, while robust, is not very user friendly and does not provide much of the guidance or information on getting started that small businesses look for when establishing these systems. Even in cases that your team is familiar with digital accounting, many elements in Quickbooks use different terminology, making it a steep learning curve despite past experience. 
If your team has questions or a problem arises, the first thing you do is turn to customer support. Unfortunately, businesses have limited access to QuickBooks support without additional paid subscriptions. This can add significant frustration on top of already stressful or confusing situations. 

QuickBooks Requires Paid Upgrades and Add-Ons

Running a small business can feel overwhelming, with many programs offering similar options at multiple tier levels, all with their own pricing. It can be difficult to determine what value is being added and whether or not these add-ons are must-haves for your company. 
QuickBooks can easily make business owners feel nickel and dimed through various pricing models with a long list of upgrades, add-ons, and subscription services. While it may be easy to purchase the initial software cheaply, this model is dependent upon business owners needing to buy additional features later on. This explains why QuickBooks is reluctant to include all the necessary features in one clearly priced package. Services such as customer support should not come at an additional monthly cost to business owners, but should be included in the main package to ensure business owners are set up for success.

If Not QuickBooks, What Software Systems Can Companies Trust?

Beyond QuickBooks, the options for business management software seem many and varied. With so many unique offerings, it’s understandable that many business owners are confused. However, very few of these systems incorporate all the crucial elements of a business management software system at a scalable level with an up-front, affordable cost, and unlimited ongoing customer support. Whether you’ve already outgrown your current system or you need to enable the opportunity for growth, Attivo All-in-One offers a fully-integrated business management solution that will flourish alongside your business. 
Attivo All-in-One is tailored to your specific needs and comes as an affordable, fixed monthly subscription with no hidden fees. With unlimited, ongoing support, leading-edge security, and personalized online learning systems at no additional cost, Attivo All-in-One can be fully functional in a matter of weeks with a specially designed, automated implementation process. Learn more about how Attivo All-in-One can solve your business’s unique challenges and provide personalized education and guidance: CLICK HERE.
To learn more about the shortcomings of QuickBooks and the important elements to look for in a business management system, check out our webinar featuring small business management expert and Attivo President, Len Reo: CLICK HERE.