ecommerce inventory management

If you are a retailer managing eCommerce sales, especially on multiple websites, you are not doing yourself any favors without integrating them with your business system.

Resorting to spreadsheets to track merchandise availability, requires the tedious process of manually re-keying orders that are emailed by Shopify or other websites into an ERP system, which wastes valuable time and resources.

Multiple levels of inaccuracy occur if your eCommerce site is not acting in accordance with your business system. All too often, this requires you to inform your customers that their order cannot be fulfilled or is on backorder. Integration of your eCommerce site allows you to have eyes on every step of the process, increasing the retailers’ capacity for sales and customer satisfaction.

The Steps for Success

Over the years, the value of integrated eCommerce has been adopted by business owners that choose a reliable process. The automated process is as simple as this: After the item is created, the integration with SAP Business One allows consumers to quickly and easily shop and purchase from your storefront. During checkout, consumers enter their information themselves, ensuring that the transaction is accurate and secure. The consumer will receive an order confirmation on your storefront, and the sales order will automatically be created in SAP Business One and linked to the order that was placed on your storefront.

Not only is the sales order automatically created, but the customer record with all their information is also now in your system – eliminating the need for double entry of sales orders, customer records, or contact/billing/shipping information. The order delivery can now be processed and arrive to your customer as quickly as possible, thanks to the integration of your eCommerce site and SAP Business One.

Real-Time Inventory Availability

Build integration and connect data applications via one central platform with Attivo All-in-One, a customizable platform for integration, and business process automation. Create streamlined digital commerce experiences with multiple eCommerce sites which effectively combine your business system with inventory and ensures correct pricing. You’ll be pleased with the likely result of increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Attivo All-in-One, powered by SAP Business One, is highly automated, and therefore much quicker than other ERP implementations. The system can be launched in weeks (instead of months or years) and includes unlimited, ongoing technical support. Contact our ERP experts today!