How to Reduce Recall Risk for Food & Beverage Businesses

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Manufacturers and distributors in the Food and Beverage industry have much in common. Whether your focus is canned, fresh, or frozen products, all are experiencing changes in the way they have to do business, and technology systems are a necessity to be competitive, remain compliant with FDA and USDA regulations, and to prevent and quickly react to damaging recall events.


From undeclared allergens to contamination and mislabeling, there are many reasons for product recalls. Traceability is absolutely essential to ensure quality and prevent costly and damaging recalls, and business risk can be reduced in the event of a recall if you have the right technology tools in place. 


You do not want anyone to become sick from consuming one of your products, and because of this risk, recalls are managed by external public agencies whose sole focus is the health and safety of the public. Without clear data presented to them to identify all affected products, the recall scope will widen. This means inventory and revenue loss for your business.


So what are the key elements included in the right technology tools that make responding to a recall simple and successful? Simply, an ERP system with a fully integrated, real-time inventory system with all the controls and reporting in place.


Real-Time, Accurate Tracking


In an industry where there is very little margin for error, real-time tracking is essential to reduce risk. For example, identifying a food-safety issue early in the manufacturing process allows the opportunity to halt and correct production before distribution, reducing the loss of time, money, and reputation. 


Effective tracking includes built-in redundancies that enable manufacturers to stop the line and find solutions quickly. In the case of contamination, foodborne illness, or offenses that may warrant a recall, a long feedback loop simply won’t cut it. With the right ERP system, you gain control of your business through real-time tracking and can manage recalls before they severely impact your business. Leading-edge inventory control and end-to-end visibility and traceability are key for raw materials, resources, and finished goods, enabling you to trace each and every step in the supply chain in real-time.


Streamlined Reporting

Many companies are overwhelmed with numerous problems related to their outdated
or insufficient reporting systems. Cloud-hosted ERP systems include automated
reporting capabilities to swiftly and accurately collect, analyze, and transfer data
while reducing labor costs and manual data-entry errors. The right software system
gives Food and Beverage manufacturers and distributors the necessary support to
quickly track, access, and analyze critical data for recalls, quality assurance, inventory
management, order processing, and more. And with the mobile flexibility of cloud-hosted ERP systems, essential data can be securely filtered and accessed anywhere
at any time.

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