How to Process Mass Customer Credit Card Orders Quickly

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If you process customer orders with credit card payments, the established procedure is typically:

  • Enter a sales order
  • Pre-Authorize the credit card to ensure the card number is valid and that funds are available
  • Ship the sales order
  • Charge the credit card

These steps work fine, but wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to save some time by streamlining the process is some way? There is a way, if you are using the AutoBatch feature of EBizCharge, by Century Business Solutions.

AutoBatch is a feature which allows for the mass processing of pre-authorized Credit Card orders in a grid environment. The AutoBatch process can be used if a Credit Card order has been selected for billing, but was not charged at the time of selection. This can happen in either of two ways:

  1. After Selecting an Order for Billing in your ERP system, do not compete the process of actually charging the credit card. This will make the order available for invoicing but will delay the charging of the card.
  2. For users of WiSys Agility – Order Processing, OE Order Billing, it is possible to select orders to bill in a grid format, avoiding the need to select orders individually from your ERP software’s Billing select screen.

When you launch AutoBatch, it displays a list of your open credit card orders that have been pre-authorized. You may review these orders and decide which credit cards you wish to charge.

From this screen, it is possible to select any or all of the orders to charge the payment method selected. From the AutoBatch grid, additional information can be added or changed for the following fields:

  • CVV
  • Receipt Email
  • Order Total
  • Freight
  • Misc

To select an order to be charged, click the checkbox to the left of the order number at the beginning of the line. Click the Select All radio button to select all order to be charged. Once the orders to be charged have been selected, click the Process button. When the selected items turn green, the process is complete and the credit cards have been charged.