How one company streamlined business and blew away the overseas competition

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Automating Processes, streamlining business with Synergy

Quest Industries, a Midwest company that provides precision tooling, machining, prototyping and pre-production services, prides themselves on their quality assurance and guaranteed satisfaction. With overseas competition increasing, Denny Hoover, President of Quest Industries realized the importance of standardizing processes to continue to keep the high quality that his customers had come to expect over the 30 plus years his company has been in business.

The problem with standardizing processes is that they don’t get followed! After laying out a plan for sales, customer service and inventory, he found that his team was adjusting the processes to their liking. Orders were entered differently depending on who entered them, employees continually forgot to clock their hours on jobs, and the scheduler didn’t know what jobs to prioritize based on materials on hand and order status! In fact, as you’ll hear Denny say himself on his walk-through video, it got so bad that he wasn’t sure if he needed to start telling customers “no” because he could not see if they were at capacity. And, how could Denny get his team to follow steps exactly as laid out, each and every time?

Found the right solution, but needed the right implementation partner

Quest Industries was already a long-time JobBOSS user and had found that a partner product, Synergy CRM, could integrate directly with JobBOSS. They purchased the software and worked to implement the system quickly. However, they found that the breadth of the system proved to be too much for them. They were also busy with work and orders, so the process improvement got pushed aside for a year and they limped along.

Denny then was invited to a webinar on Synergy CRM, and realized he had found the right implementation partner: The Attivo Group. The webinar proved that our team understood how to standardize processes using Workflows in Synergy, as well as up to-the-minute reporting, along with a working knowledge of JobBOSS, which was just what Denny was looking for. Couple that with Attivo’s proven implementation methodology, and it was a winning combination!

Winning Combination: Great Software + Great Implementation

Great software is nothing without the knowledge to fully utilize its capabilities, but how do you get what a customer wants to do and what a consultant knows how to do to sync together? That’s Attivo’s secret sauce. We start with a Business Process Assessment, in which we work with you to fully understand your company’s requirements, and where the improvement opportunities lie. For example, how do they currently process orders vs. how they would like to process orders? How do you see this improving your business? Questions like these, plus several hundred more, help both parties fully understand the processes and how to optimize and standardize them using the Synergy software.

Within a few short months, Quest Industries now has a fully integrated system that standardizes their processes, allowing them to be more efficient and keep their quality sky high. Real time reporting means that employees that used to have to walk the warehouse to get answers on inventory or the progress of job orders, can now get that same information in seconds while reviewing a ‘widget’ on their ‘dashboard’! As Denny says, this has helped make his company accountable, efficient, and more profitable. In fact, you can watch his personal walk through of Quest Industry’s Synergy integration on the video below!

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