ERP system implementation

At the Attivo Group we’re confident that our ERP solutions can help discrete manufacturers create a more efficient supply chain. The metal manufacturing sector can especially benefit from SAP Business One, which has a whole suite of thoughtful features purposefully built to meet your needs.


Material Requirements Planning

Having the right materials on hand for your metal manufacturing needs is a top priority. It requires effective planning and scheduling of resources for on-time delivery to customers while controlling costs and producing the highest quality product possible. From operational routings to production scheduling, material requirements planning helps your business flow seamlessly from one stage of production to another while making sure your processes are as cost-effective as possible. 


SAP Business One provides the comprehensive and integrated software tools needed to take the guesswork out of your day-to-day operations. This fully integrated ERP solution drastically improves your manufacturing plant’s cost-effectiveness. With our help, you’ll enjoy efficient and accurate quoting so that high resource prices will become a worry of the past. 


Shop Floor Data Collection

There is a breadth of untapped data from the shop floor that’s available to manufacturers, given they’re using the right tools to unlock its full potential. With SAP Business One, you’ll be able to automatically collect and interpret data from each of the mechanisms involved with your manufacturing process. This real-time feedback provides unparalleled control of inventory issues, quality management, and yield and scrap management. 


Automated shop floor data management means your employees get to focus on what they do best while your ERP system gives you the most accurate picture of your business possible. Attivo’s ERP solutions help your plant get organized and running efficiently, making measuring and improving your operational efficiency easier than you think. 


Receipts and Tracking

The benefits don’t stop with procurement and shop floor data collection, either. We understand the manufacturing industry is one of the most complex information management challenges. From start to finish, SAP Business One can make a difference in every step of your supply chain. With its receipts and tracking capabilities, you can accurately manage where your product goes, to whom it’s going to, and when it will arrive. 


Your customers will be given extremely accurate delivery windows, and you’ll never be left guessing where your product is or when it will reach your buyers again. With added features like cost accounting and work in progress, you’ll be updated every step of the way with all of your products at all times. 

As a metal manufacturer, you need a software system you can trust. At Attivo, we’ve spent decades developing tools to help ensure your business’s success. Through ERP implementation, we help clients streamline scheduling machines and resources, improving operational efficiency, and real-time product tracking and warehouse logistics. Start saving money, time, and resources today by giving us a call and scheduling a complimentary analysis at 877-428-8486 or contact us online.