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When it comes to enterprise resource planning (ERP) software systems, there are several common misconceptions that discourage business owners from taking advantage of these useful process improvement solutions. In reality, a proper ERP system synchronizes and streamlines your critical business processes and eliminates a myriad of painful challengesMany business owners unnecessarily struggle with manual processes, time-consuming spreadsheets, and error-prone reporting on a daily basis. Read our list of common ERP myths below, and learn about a single solution that challenges all of these misconceptions. 

Myth: ERP Systems are Expensive

If you ask a skeptic about their concerns over ERP, an expensive price tag, costly addons, and required upgrades are often a point of discussion. While many ERP systems are guilty of this pitfall, this isn’t always the case. It’s important to evaluate potential systems for their ability to scale alongside your companyand not all systems require upgrades at an additional charge to provide scalability. Business owners should always look for fixed-cost solution and be aware of how pricey addons and upgrades of other solutions will affect the price structure over time. Overall, an ERP solution should make your business run more efficiently, reduce overhead costs, and increase your return on investment.  

Myth: It Takes Months or Even Years to Implement an ERP System

The right ERP system makes business management processes increasingly efficient, can be implemented quickly, and doesn’t put your business or profits on hold! While some business owners fear losing productivity amid new software implementation, not all ERP systems have long implementation times and steep learning curves. 
Many systems offer user-friendly training and learning systems that make these helpful software solutions simple to implement, easy to learn to use, and easy to maintain over time and support business growth. For example, Attivo Academy, which accompanies the Attivo All-in-One software solution, includes personalized online learning system alongside a live training program to help business owners and their teams get up to speed on new systems with ease, at their own pace. Attivo All-in-One, a comprehensive software solution that integrates all your critical processes into one secure solution, offers a highly automated implementation process as well as unlimited technical support so that business owners never have to face challenges or questions alone. Systems like this allow your business to be fully operational and productive within weeks instead of months or years.  

Myth: ERP Systems Include Many Unnecessary Programs

Relating to the misconception that ERP systems are expensive, many people believe that many of the programs included in these systems are not relevant to their business and may quickly become obsolete. Business owners should not have to pay for programs that they are not using or benefiting from. While many ERP systems are not customizable or configurable, it is possible to find solutions that are custom-tailored for your specific business needs so that you never pay for services that you don’t benefit from.  

Myth: Only Large Corporations Need ERP

Many small businesses make the mistake of believing that ERP software is only necessary for large corporations. In reality, ERP systems can benefit businesses of all sizes by streamlining manual processes, eliminating human error, and increasing ROI, visibility, and overall efficiency while reducing overhead costs. Even the smallest of businesses face challenges that can be remedied by an ERP solution that integrates their systems, eliminates islands of automation, and allows their business to flourish without the frustrations that often arise with growth.  

Myth: Storing Data Online is Risky

The final misconception is that these software systems lack security. While people may have doubts about the safety or security of online data storage, in reality these systems are protected with the highest degree of security commercially available at data centers that are regularly audited to insure compliance with the most stringent standards of security.  It is near impossible to achieve the security available with any on-site server system. Cloud hosting technology is continually evolving, becoming more advanced, reliable, and safely accessible to protect your data and sensitive information.  

Finding the Right ERP Solution for Your Business

While some of the above myths can become a reality with certain systems, the trick to avoiding these pitfalls is to find the right ERP solution for your business.  
Attivo All-in-One goes above and beyond a typical ERP system by integrating all of your essential business management needs into one secure solution at an affordable price. Attivo All-in-One is configurable to your specific needs and comes at a fixed monthly subscription with no hidden fees or pricey upgrades. With unlimited support, leading-edge security, and personalized online learning systems included, Attivo All-in-One can be fully functional in a matter of weeks with a specially designed, automated implementation process.  
Don’t settle for inefficient islands of automationContact us to learn more about our fully integrated process improvement solution that goes above and beyond a typical ERP system to defy all the misconceptions, dispel the myths, and provide the technology you need to help you achieve your business vision.